I’LL GET YOU YET by James Howard

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“An awesome opening installment to the Steve Ashe series. There are plenty of outstanding action set pieces. This one is a balls-out, hardboiled, action paperback. It’s really something special.”
The Paperback Warrior

It’s winter, 1954. Steve Ashe is hitching a ride to Omaha in a big rig driven by his friend Scotty when they are sideswiped on a snowy highway by a car that’s spinning out-of-control. The men rush over to the car and are shocked to discover the driver is a badly-beaten woman… who turns out to be Vicki, Steve’s old childhood crush. She’s on the run from Mario Carazzi, a mobster who forced her and her teenage sister Gina into drug addiction and sex slavery. Now Steve is determined to get revenge for Vicki’s beating, rescue Gina, and take down the ring… one man against the entire midwest mob. And he just happens to be the one badass who can do it.

“A gripping, realistic suspense novel that crackles with tension, toughness, and the tragedy of girls who run afoul of the vice syndicate.”
Real Magazine

BLOW OUT MY TORCH by James Howard

Blow Out My Torch by James Howard

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Her Love Nest Was a Murder Trap

It’s 1956 in hopelessly corrupt Neon City, USA. Reporter Steve Ashe investigates when a cop-friend of his is thrown off the force on trumped-up charges. His relentless quest for the truth pits him against the mob… and makes him the target of ruthless killers… one of whom may just be the beautiful woman in his bed.

“Steve Ashe is a badass.”
The Paperback Warrior

“A hard-hitting story of reporter Steve Ashe’s one-man clean-up campaign in a corrupt city.”
Real Magazine

TORMENTED by Carolyn Weston

Tormented by Carolyn Weston


A searing novel of erotic obsession that was a scandalous sensation when it was released in 1956… becoming a rarity that has been desperately pursued by collectors for the last sixty years.

This is the story of five people… of Elizabeth Carnes, driven by a desperate, aching passion to a mysterious lover who is the only one who can give her the physical release her devoted husband can’t provide… of George Carnes, spurned by his wife and forced to seek solace in the womanly warmth of his secretary, the deceptively placid Stella Sander, who hides a voracious sexual appetite…of Jon Steen, the complex, dangerous, bisexual artist who unlocks Elizabeth’s lust… and of Tracy Steen, Jon’s controlling wife, whose neurotic, all-consuming need for love and devotion will lead to a shattering end for them all.

This is the first, published book by Carolyn Weston, the author of the crime novels that became the hit TV series THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO.


Tales of a Sad, Fat Wordman by Ralph Dennis


“Dennis influenced a lot of writers.  He knew how to ride the zeitgeist… if not get ahead of the game. He deserves to be remembered and, more importantly, read.”
NB Magazine UK

The late Ralph Dennis is beloved among crime fiction writers and readers for his Hardman series of detective novels from the 1970s. But little is known about the man himself. This collection of some of Ralph’s early short stories and poetry, framed with excerpts from articles about him and by essays from authors who knew him well, offers an emotional, poignant and ultimately revealing look at how he saw himself… and how his past profoundly shaped his enduring creative work.

“The most beloved obscure private eye writer who ever lived.”
—Ed Gorman, founder of Mystery Scene Magazine

“Dennis is finally receiving the literary accolades he deserves.”
The Paperback Warrior Site

“Like Chandler and Hammett before him, Dennis was trying to do something different with what was thought of as throwaway literature.”
—Joe R. Lansdale, New York Times bestselling author

“Dennis is an underappreciated master.”
—Robert Randisi, founder of the Private Eye Writers of America