“Come, wolves of war, here stands a Crosbie!”

Those are the words carved on the huge dirk that Duncan Crosbie, exiled Scotsman, soldier of France, wears proudly at his side. And they are also carved on his heart. More than women, gaming, all the pleasures of Paris, Crosbie loved war. His devouring passion was to fight the English who had killed his father at the Battle of Culloden. But the French king lolls in his palace, under the witchery of Madame de Pompadour, and the army stands idle. So Crosbie sails for the New World, to join the tall captains, fighting the British in the northern wilds of Canada . . .

The year is 1759. This is the epic story of the war for Canada…and the larger-than-life characters who fought in the battles….as seen through the eyes of an exiled Scottish soldier.

This book is the prequel to Spicer’s bestselling western adventure The Wild Ohio about the founding of Gallipolis, Ohio by French refugees.


“An exhilirating historical story of the frontier warfare. Bart Spicer breathes life into his novels that makes an experience of reading them, rather than a pastime. This is a longer-than-usual story but one that you will regret must end.” Chattanooga Daily Times

“A cast of characters as long and impressive as the book is thick. Duncan Crosbie is Spicer’s most memorable creation.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“This painstakingly researched novel of early Canada is one of the best it has been our good fortune to encounter.” The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

“Spicer endows his characters with colorful and unique traits. The historical chaos is vivid, created with vitality and feeling.” Nashville Banner

“A turbulent war story that culminates in one of the great moments of history—the French and English War, with the American Revolution only fifteen years away.”   Tulsa World

“It’s an epic story, a grand tale about one of the most dramatic times in history.” The Montgomery Alabama Advertiser