If you’re like us, you first read this chiller when you were a kid…and never forgot it this timeless classic of mounting, subtle horror that has haunted generations of readers.

A woman is trapped in her own body. She’s speechless, paralyzed, and truly helpless, cared for by her seemingly loving family. But she knows with chilling certainty that one of them is trying to kill her…and will soon strike again…and she is unable to tell anyone or defend herself. Or is she? This became a classic episode of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS.

“A scary one. Lawrence at her best, with a surprising plot and a baffling mystery. ” Los Angeles Daily News
“Tense, taut and terrific…will disturbingly charge the atmopshere and chill the marrow of your bones. Lawrence is quite successful in capturing mood, character, and a unique situation. Subtle horror that’s hard to beat.” Montgomery Advertiser

“Expertly written, filled with suspense. It will make the reader look over his shoulder and turn on every light in the house.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“This is on a different plane of horror. The comfort and luxury of the suburban home bring out in striking contrast the evil that pervades the sickroom and closes in on its helpless victim. A Grade-A shocker…inspires hair-raising fear in a genteel, immensely effective way” New York Times

“Whacking good, written with delicate subtlety and guaranteed to chill the blood.” Boston Globe

“Hilda Lawrence is more skilled than average in the writing of suspense novels, in creating moods of terror and horror. [This] is excellent fare for the fan who is tired of conventional mystery.” Capitol Times (Madison, Wis)

THE UTAH KID by Roe Richmond


A violent, fast-moving, western classic, back in print for the first time in 70 years

“A saga of swift, violent action, clear, raw courage, and a tribute to the pioneer emigrants who opened up the great American west,” Vermont Caledonian-Record

A gunman fleeing his past in a whisky-gorged, lawless Missouri town joins a wagon train in a brutal journey across the plains and over the perilous Rockies, to a dusty, dying speck of desert hell in Utah, where he faces a vicious, bullwhip-wielding enemy.

Originally published in 1949 as Conestoga Cowboy, it was the first, break-through novel by Roaldus “Roe” Richmond (1910-1986). His many other westerns include The Wild Breed, Montana Bad Man, Death Rides the Dondrino, Crusade on the Chisholm, Mojave Gun, Lash of Idaho, the Lashtrow series and a novelisation of the Henry Fonda TV series The Deputy. During the Depression, Richmond traveled across Vermont for the Works Progress Administration, interviewing over a hundred miners about their lives and struggles, articles that were later collected in the 2004 book Men Against Granite.

THE COMANCHE KID by James Robert Daniels – COMING SOON


An epic, never-before-published western in the grand tradition of True Grit and Lonesome Dove

“The best western I’ve read in a long, long time. Though a first novel, Daniels writes with the sure hand of an old-pro. His voice is authentic and riveting, and he’s created a character in sixteen-year-old Jane to ride the river with. I can’t recommend this one more highly!” Peter Brandvold, author of over 70 westerns, including 15 Sheriff Ben Stillman novels.

Out of nowhere Comanches attack—and sixteen year-old Jane narrowly survives the slaughter of her family and the kidnapping of her baby sister. Driven by grief and fury, she rides headlong into Indian territory, seeking vengeance. But the odds are stacked against a young girl on the trail, and Jane soon realizes she must disguise herself as a boy to join forces with a tough company of cowhands on a cattle drive to Dodge City. The harrowing trek pits her against tough drovers, raging rivers, ruthless soldiers, and ends in a bloody reckoning that forces Jane to discover her surprising capacity for love, survival—and revenge.

“Daniels has crafted a mercilessly taut, masterfully paced, heart-pounding western that conjures such classics as Death Rides a Horse and True Grit.” -Jonathan Evison, New York Times Bestselling author of West of Here.

“This authentic-feeling, exciting Western has elements of True Gritmixed with Red River and The Searchers, but it succeeds on its own terms. Like the spirited horses, its heroine prefers, it’s quite a ride.” David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of First Blood

The Comanche Kid is playwright/actor James Robert Daniels’ first novel, but you’d never know that by reading this magnificent, bigger-than-life tale. Making use of traditional Western elements—the vengeance quest, the coming-of-age story, the trail drive yarn, the epic clash of cavalry and Indians—Daniels’ evocative prose lifts the odyssey of sixteen-year-old Jane into something special as she searches for her younger sister, who is kidnapped in the same Comanche raid that wipes out the rest of Jane’s family. With echoes of True Grit, The Cowboy and the Cossack, and Lonesome Dove, this is a big, thrilling, tragic, and ultimately uplifting portrait of the American West.” James Reasoner, author of more than 350 westerns, many under a variety of pseudonyms, including 41 Longarm novels and 20 books in the Trailsman series.

“What a thundering ride! I started this crackerjack novel over my morning coffee and finished it with my evening bourbon sundowner. In between I lived through Indian attacks, trail drive stampedes and white-knuckled my worry for a sixteen-year-old girl as she searches for her little sister kidnapped by a Comanche war chief. James Roberts Daniels has penned a superbly crafted Western novel as breathtakingly authentic and exciting as any I have ever read.” –Joseph A. West, New York Times best-selling author of 20 Ralph Compton westerns and six Gunsmoke novels among many others.

“James Robert Daniels’ debut novel, The Comanche Kid, is a boisterous romp through the wild and woolly Old West as desperate, determined young Jane pounds the vengeance trail in high-dudgeon. Echoing True Grit and The Searchers, with a shot of Huckleberry Finn on top, readers will ride hard and fast as they taste the trail grit in their teeth and hear the crack of gunfire in this fresh take on familiar frontier themes.” Matthew P. Mayo, Spur and Wrangler Award-winning author

RIDE THE WILD WIND by C. William Harrison


“An entertaining novel about an attempt to stir a revolt in the troubled west during the Indian Wars. It brings history to life.” San Francisco Examiner

In the aftermath of the Civil War on a Missouri riverboat, a group of bitter, fanatical southern rebels and renegades, plan an insidious scheme against the Yankees who defeated them — joining with the Sioux and other warring, Indian tribes in a devastating strike against the North. As part of their plot, they snatch Branch McCabe, a southerner who gave up his birthright to fight for the north, to pilot their riverboat, once sunk in battle and raised from the depths for a new fight, northward against the roiling currents of the Missouri into Indian country. Now McCabe must risk his life again, and thwart a boatload of killers, to save the country he loves, and a woman who no longer loves him, from violent, bloody doom.



“One of the toughest range wars in western fiction, told with Tom West’s inimitable dry humor and versatility in the cowpoke vernacular. The reader is assured of several hours of complete relaxation — if he can find it in murder, massacres and shootings.” Chicago Tribune

Crawler Connor raised his son Bill to become the fastest gunslinger in west for one purpose — vengeance. Now the time has come and Bill rides straight into a bloody range war to face his violent, bloody destiny.

“Prolific author Tom West follows the usual pattern of the better gunfighting and hard-riding novels. A range war, assorted bandits, and a mystery make this a good yarn.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“A western with plenty of shooting, action and suspense.” Galveston Daily News

“Tom West has provided western fans with gunplay, thrills and romance in this book.” The Lincoln Star

THE COLD TRAIL by Paul Evan Lehman


Jim Randall sets out to solve his father’s brutal murder..but he’s a lone cowboy on the coldest of trails…and facing off against an entire town

Randall knows that his father, the town banker, didn’t kill himself, even if everybody in Briscoe says otherwise. There’s a killer out there, and there are plenty of likely suspects, including the bank’s greedy vice president and the slick-talking foreman of the Star Ranch. Whoever it is doesn’t want Jim discovering the truth and has hired a gunman to put him in a grave…right beside his father.

“An exciting western,” St. Albans Daily Messenger

PALM SPRINGS by Tom Ardies


A powerful novel of money, passion, and castles in the sand in the grand tradition of Harold Robbins, Judith Krantz, Sidney Sheldon and Arthur Hailey… “A tale of power that becomes a page-turning whodunit.” Publishers Weekly

Adventurers, dreamers, thieves and kings: sooner or later all of them come to Palm Springs, the most lavish, sensual playground on earth. But for the six strangers who arrive in a limousine from the Beverly Wilshire hotel, it’s many things: an erotic utopia waiting to be physically conquered, a final chance a redemption, a fresh start, and a shot at winning a billion-dollar prize: developing a patch of dry sand into a new, exclusive community for the mega-rich.

“Ardies’ newest satire-suspense has a superb opening: a handful of strangers arrive one off-season night in Palm Springs in the same limousine, all of them misfits. There’s political-humor columnist Jim Sargent (author of “”Play-Doh’s Republic”), fresh from the loony bin and here to recuperate with his aunt. There’s adventuress Jody on the make; famed architect St. Pierre on the run from his hideous ex-wife; a newlywed couple (she’s rich and 70, he’s poor and 45); and King Mallory–former mayor, congressman, and builder of Palm Springs, returning for the first time since a Washington sex scandal drove him to Oregon. The jaunty narrative is jumpily entertaining, spiced with raunchy dialogue and sharp digs.” Kirkus Reviews

“Well-crafted….escapist reading that carries readers blissfully along. You can practically see it unfolding on the golden screen.” Times Colonist (Victoria, BC)

“Ardies’ latest work is possibly several cuts above the novels of Sidney Sheldon, Judith Krantz, and Barbara Cartland. He has far more authorial talent than those he imitates. Maybe next time he can steep himself in Balzac or Gide…” Los Angeles Times

“A racy mystery,” The Desert Sun

“A tale of everyday life and high-finance among the scrabblers and very rich in Palm Springs.” Arizona Daily Star

LUST FOR YOUTH by Warner Jackson


A woman competes with her daughter in a tantalizing game of seduction. A sexy, pulp fiction classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years!

Alice Ingram is a bartender and single mother who can’t seem to tame her sensual emotions, a persistent, burning craze for strong, physical release…without it, she is plagued by persistent headaches, anxiety and loneliness. Lately, she’s found solace and ecstasy in the arms and dusky body of much younger Eddie LaRose, a gambler evading the law. And who, the police warn her, might also be a thief and murderer. She lives with her daughter Freita, a recent Junior College grad and aspiring dancer, who suffers from the same, physical torments as her mother…and doesn’t know if she can wait until marriage to slake her erotic desire. She can’t. And she won’t…and soon she’s pitting herself against her mother for Eddie, who gladly beds both women, unaware that he’s making the riskiest bet of his life.

Also published as My Mother, The Madam in a double-edition, combined with March Hastings’ Design for Debauchery.



A dangerously intimate, explosive pulp fiction classic, a landmark novel banned in 1960 and finally back in print for the first time in decades.

This was a strange family — they had wealth, prestige and the stature befitting their heritage. Yet beneath the veneer of respectability, smouldered a hidden evil. Why was the father so intent on securing the seduction of his own son? Why did the hauntingly beautiful Robin have a look of fear in her eyes?

Before Eric Spokane could find all the answers and feel his way through the dark labyrinth of conflicting emotional entanglements, there was bitterness and shock and the violence of many sins.

Originally published under the title Fear of Incest in 1960, and later retitled for a subsequent release. The book was one of 12 by March Hastings that were deemed “unmailable” by the US Postal Services, which called the books “obscene, lewd, lascivious and indecent.” For selling copies of this book, Samuel Dodd Williamson, a Los Angeles bookseller, was arrested, jailed and fined for criminal obscenity, a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, who upheld the conviction.

OUTLAW BREED by William Bryon Mowery


A timeless, action-packed saga of tenacity, survival and retribution against impossible odds…back in print for the first time in over 70 years.

It’s 1936. Noel Irving, ex-chief of the Secret Squad of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, witnesses a brutal killing that sends him on an epic, harrowing quest deep into the Canadian wilderness, and to the furthest edges of the continent and humanity, in his relentless pursuit of bloody, final justice.

“A dramatic story crammed full of hard-hitting action.” The Paducah Sun

William Byron Mowery (1899-1957) wrote over 450 short stories and serialized novels and was often referred to as the “Zane Grey of the Canadian Northwest.”  He was also a renowned creative writing instructor who taught at various universities. One of his most famous students was internationally bestselling author Mary Higgins Clark, who credited him with “setting my feet firmly on the path that I had been seeking all my life.”

This novel was originally published as The Black Automatic.