TAKE IT OFF by Mark Tryon


The story of two strippers in the 1950s, one who teased men but loved girls, and the other who tantalized both but couldn’t love any man or woman.

Raven-haired Margot Diego, stripper par excellence, tantalized with statuesque beauty and deliberately wicked flesh. But pretty, little Lula Lang was a different sort; she seemed the very essence of innocence. Tossing off her chaste costume, piece by piece, she became every man’s dream bride – restoring to him the delights of his first wild nights of love. WIth each performance, the two women tried to outdo each other, battling to tease and please the leering audience. But what was life like for Margot and Lula off stage?

When the show was over, why did they indulge creatures like fat Schnitzler, who could only peek and fondle? Why did they welcome such lovers as cruel Little Jack? What went on at those “special” parties where the girls whipped their jaded senses into a frenzy? And what did Margot really crave above all else? These are the questions answered in this biting novel about the girls of Burlesque, written by a man who has lived burlesque. you will know strippers as they really are- learn life as it really lived in the world of G-string, bumps and grinds! In The Raw.

Note — this book, from the 1950s, is a reflection of the cultural and sexual attitudes of its time and contains some offensive stereotypes. The original paperback edition of the book was titled ‘”Of G-Strings & Strippers.”

BANNED! — Three Indecent Novels That Sent Booksellers to Jail & to the U.S. Supreme Court


Three novels, banned as “indecent, lewd and obscene” in the late 1950s and early 1960s, that sent booksellers to jail for selling them and led to landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases…and that are tame by today’s standards


Originally published under the title Fear of Incest in 1960, and later retitled for a subsequent release. The book was one of 12 by March Hastings that were deemed “unmailable” by the US Postal Services, which called the books “obscene, lewd, lascivious and indecent.” For selling copies of this book, Samuel Dodd Williamson, a Los Angeles bookseller, was arrested, jailed and fined for criminal obscenity, a case that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, who upheld the conviction.

The novel is about a family with wealth, prestige and the stature befitting their heritage. Yet beneath the veneer of respectability, smouldered a hidden evil. Why was the father so intent on securing the seduction of his own son? Why did the hauntingly beautiful Robin have a look of fear in her eyes?

TWISTED LOVE by Mark Tryon

Previously published as Sweeter Than Life and The Twisted Loves of Nym O’Sullivan. In 1953, undercover police officers in Los Angeles bought a copy of Sweeter Than Life from bookseller Eleazar Smith, charging him with obscenity. He was tried and found guilty. He appealed the case to the U.S. Supreme Court, which ruled in Smith’s favor. The court didn’t rule on the issue of whether Tryon’s book was obscene… rather they argued the ordinance made booksellers criminally liable for selling and stocking “obscene” books on their shelves, without proof the bookseller knew anything about the content of the books. The court decided this violated the due process clause of the 14th amendment.

Nym was so beautiful that she could have any man she wanted… if she’d wanted a man. The shocking story of a woman who hated men and used her body to lure them to disaster…while seducing women to satisfy her own carnal desires. A banned classic, back in print for the first time in sixty years!

Nym O’Sullivan, the daughter of a lesbian, grew up hating men. But she’s far too sexy a woman to avoid their attentions, and one even forces her into marriage. In revenge, she makes him a slave to her incredible body…using him, taking what he has, then laughing at his ruination. And with that same, beautiful body, she lures her young lover, Johnny Martel, into a scheme to destroy him and reward her with vast wealth.

At the same time, Nym seduces women, innocent girls like Lynn Rawlins, a little blonde who will never be the same after her careesses…

But will it all come crashing down on Nym?

VEIL OF TORMENT by March Hastings

This lesbian pulp classic was banned, deemed “unmailable” by the U.S. Postal Services, in 1960 and rated “indecent” in the U.S.A and Canada by the National Organization for Decent Literature. Now back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

Her blood raced, her body pulsed, her desire was a thing of madness.

There’s the Ivy Sherwood the public knew: the actress, the glamorous, beautiful darling of the stage, living a storybook life of champagne and roses with her glittering future ahead of her.

And then there’s Ivy off-stage, away from family and friends, prowling the streets, hardly recognizeable without make-up, her eyes shining with tension and craving, picking up any stranger, going into any dingy bedroom.

She’s running furiously through her days, seeking escape, needing release, fighting the passionate demon which lives inside her, torturing her, wildly demanding more liquor, more men, more women, anything to sate her uncontrollable sexual desire.

Also published as The Sherwood Scandal.

ARKANSAS GUNS by William MacLeod Raine


“The tale starts in a cantor and breaks into an early gallop that continues through 248 pages. Raine uses all his old tricks to kindle tension.” Salt Lake Tribune

The proud and iron-willed Harvilles have been engaged in a bloody feud with the stubborn Logans, a neighboring family of bluebloods, since the recent end of the Civil War. But that doesn’t stop Larry Harville, returning to the family plantation after years away in England, from falling in love with a Logan woman…and when bloody-thirsty, outlaw killers ride into their Arkansas town, the families must put their violent hatred aside to fight a common enemy.

“William MacLeod Raine stands alongside Zane Grey among writers of western adventure tales.”  The Capital TImes (Madison, Wisconsin)

Back in print for the first time in over 60 years. This is the last novel written by William MacLeod Raine (1871-1954), author of over 80 westerns, and was published shortly after his death. The book was also released under the titles Six-Gun Feud and Plantation Gun. Raine was inducted into the Hall of Great Westerners of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 1959.

WALK WITH EVIL by Robert Wilder


A terrifying story of unrelenting suspense,back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

There is little chance of redemption in Redemption Cay, a Florida town where a million dollars in stolen cash was buried decades ago… and now a brutal mob boss, recently released after twenty years in prison, is coming to find it. But he’s not alone. A young reporter is also on the trail…but telling the story could jeopardize the life of the innocent woman he loves.

“The plot involves a scheme to recover some lost loot. It ends with lots of blood-letting and a gentle, but wry twist.” Chickasha Daily Express

Robert Wilder (1901-1974) was an ex-newspaper reporter whose blockbuster novels include Written on the Wind and Flamingo Road,, which both became classic movies. Flamingo Road was also a hit play and was adapted into a short-lived, 1980s TV series.

FORCED GIGOLOS by Roe Richmond


Men forced into being love slaves to sex-hungry women sounds like a male fantasy…but for Duke Morey, it was a living hell.

An ex-soldier’s search for his missing lover leads him to a house where men are forced into the sex trade as gigolos for desperate women, including a Detroit widow with uncontrollable desire, a suburban housewife avenging her faithless husband by acting out her rage in bed, a runaway from a boarding school, an artist who likes to do more than just paint nude men, and a psychologically-unhinged Latina who gets off on violence.

This 1960 pulp classic is back in print for the first time in 60 years…and decades as a hard-to-find, paperback rarity.

CRY ME A KILLER by Garrity


A relentless, hard-boiled classic…back in print for the first time in 60 years.

Detective Sgt. Walter Patterson is one of the few cops in the dark, miserable, corrupt city who can’t be bought or scared off, who isn’t a puppet of ruthless mobster Vince Ballanca. But Patterson is in a worse hell. He’s in love with the fat mobster’s wife…and to take her away from Ballanca, and survive, he’ll have to become a killer.

“Garrity was one of several old army buddies and cronies of Mickey Spillane who slid into the writing game on Spillane’s coattails. Plenty of blood, guts and broads in the best Mike Hammer tradition.” Lee Server, The Encyclopedia of Pulp Writers



They stripped him of his badge, framed him for murder, and tossed him into the middle of a gangland war.

Max Carey is a hard-nosed NYC cop who takes bribes to satisfy his wife’s expensive tastes. But when his corruption is exposed, and he’s thrown off the force, his wife leaves him and runs away. He spends several years chasing her down. When he finally finds her in Florida, she’s murdered and the crime is pinned on him by the underworld, who also send some killers to rub him out. Now Carey is out for bloody revenge and his own brand of tough justice.

“Garrity’s roughly-hewed writing style saves the day. The book is filled with action…but what Garrity does is make you feel it.” Mystery File​​​​​​​

“Very much in the Spillane vein. Carey is hardboiled and tough, the book is full of action.” Bill Crider, author of the bestselling Sheriff Dan Rhodes novels.

About the Author 

Garrity aka David J. Garrity aka David J. Gerrity (1923-1984) was in the Merchant Marines and, without giving up his day job, wrote his first two novels, Kiss Off the Dead and Cry Me a Killer, in a style and voice very similar to Mickey Spillane, his good friend and mentor. He wrote six more books over the years, including a crime novel based on a Spillane story and two ghost-written memoirs, one for a stripper and another for a private eye.

THE COMANCHE KID by James Robert Daniels


An epic new western in the grand tradition of True Grit and Lonesome Dove.  

“The best western I’ve read in a long, long time. Though a first novel, Daniels writes with the sure hand of an old-pro. His voice is authentic and riveting. I can’t recommend this one more highly!” – Peter Brandvold, author of over 70 westerns, including 11 Lou Prophet novels & 15 Sheriff Ben Stillman westerns.

Out of nowhere Comanches attack—and sixteen year-old Jane narrowly survives the slaughter of her family and the kidnapping of her baby sister. Driven by grief and fury, she rides headlong into Indian territory, seeking vengeance. But the odds are stacked against a young girl on the trail, and Jane soon realizes she must disguise herself as a boy to join forces with a tough company of cowhands on a cattle drive to Dodge City. The harrowing trek pits her against tough drovers, raging rivers, ruthless soldiers, and ends in a bloody reckoning that forces Jane to discover her surprising capacity for love, survival—and revenge.

Praise for The Comanche Kid:

“Daniels has crafted a mercilessly taut, masterfully paced, heart-pounding western that conjures such classics as Death Rides a Horse, and True Grit.” Jonathan Evison, New York Times bestselling author of West of Here.

“This authentic-feeling, exciting Western has elements of True Grit mixed with Red River and The Searchers, but it succeeds on its own terms. Like the spirited horses its heroine prefers, it’s quite a ride.” – David Morrell, New York Times bestselling author of First Blood

“A winning western that recalls classics like The Searchers, True Grit, and Lonesome Dove…Daniels’ debut is tough, gritty and knowing, a well-written, well-wrought tale of danger and high adventure set in the American west.” Mystery Scene Magazine

The Comanche Kid is playwright/actor James Robert Daniels’ first novel, but you’d never know that by reading this magnificent, bigger-than-life tale. Making use of traditional Western elements—the vengeance quest, the coming-of-age story, the trail drive yarn, the epic clash of cavalry and Indians—Daniels’ evocative prose lifts the odyssey of sixteen-year-old Jane into something special as she searches for her younger sister, who is kidnapped in the same Comanche raid that wipes out the rest of Jane’s family. With echoes of True Grit, The Cowboy & The Cossack, and Lonesome Dove, this is a big, thrilling, tragic, and ultimately uplifting portrait of the American West.” – James Reasoner, author of more than 350 westerns, many under a variety of pseudonyms, including 41 Longarm novels and 20 books in the Trailsman series.

This is James Robert Daniels first book, and what a powerful debut it is. Enthralling, tragic, heart-warming, humorous and brutal. At times this is a dark tale but there is a lot of hope, of lightness in the mix too. The action scenes are superbly described, gunfights, stampedes, or cavalry attacks on Indian camps, all making me feel that I was there, sharing the exhilaration and fear that these deadly situations evoked. There has been a lot of praise heaped on this book, and I can only say that it is all warranted. This really is a terrific read, one no western fan should miss.The Western Fiction Review UK

A boisterous romp through the wild and woolly Old West as desperate, determined young Jane pounds the vengeance trail in high-dudgeon. Echoing True Grit and The Searchers, with a shot of Huckleberry Finn on top, readers will ride hard and fast as they taste the trail grit in their teeth and hear the crack of gunfire in this fresh take on familiar frontier themes.” – Matthew P. Mayo, Spur and Wrangler Award-winning author.

“What a thundering ride! I started this crackerjack novel over my morning coffee and finished it with my evening bourbon sundowner. In between I lived through Indian attacks, trail drive stampedes and white-knuckled my worry for a sixteen-year-old girl as she searches for her little sister kidnapped by a Comanche war chief. James Roberts Daniels has penned a superbly crafted Western novel as breathtakingly authentic and exciting as any I have ever read.” – Joseph A. West, New York Times best-selling author of 20 Ralph Compton westerns and six Gunsmoke novels among many others.

SEASON FOR SIN by Louis Lorraine


A secluded resort where passions run wild…and anything goes.

It’s the early 1960s. A tormented couple desperate to escape their troubled pasts and to satisfy their carnal desires run off to a secluded, very exclusive, lake-front resort where clothing is optional.. the staff are experts at all the sensual pleasures, and savage lusts are stoked until they are raging infernos that devour reason, torch propriety, and incinerate the boundaries of human ecstasy. And, on top of that, there’s free parking and an all-you-can-eat buffet.

A pulp fiction classic, lost for nearly 60 years, by the author of Commuter Widow, The Cheating Game, Reckless Wives and The Split-Level Game among many other sizzling novels of suburban angst and physical yearning.

CIRCLE OF SIN by March Hastings


To Sarine, sex was weapon, to be used whenever she wanted. 

Cabaret singer Sarine Duvall’s style and voice are sultry, sexy and magnetic…and it drives reasonable men wild with lust. That is Sarine’s power, and she knows how to wield it, using it to move to bigger and better New York clubs, and more attractive, possessive, and deadly men. No one wants her more than Paul, a married musician whose wife isn’t about to let him out of her matrimonial grip, and is willing to fight tooth and claw, lips and breasts, to keep him.  

A raw, sensual, classic of pulp fiction noir, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.