HOT TRIGGERS by Paul Evan Lehman

Bill Serviss is a ruthless, gun-fast ranger…his Colt .45 blazing hot justice against the toughest outlaws in the west.

The most feared man in town was Cleve Morley, proprietor of the SIlver Saddle Saloon. He ran the ranchers and he ran the prostitutes. But he couldn’t run Bill Serviss, the lustiest, hardest driving ranger in the territory. Now their conflict is about to erupt in a bloody battle that only one of them can survive.

WILD BLOOD by A.C. Abbott

A brutal, relentlessly hard-boiled, western classic, back in print for the first time in seventy years

Jim Dixon returns to the Arizona town he fled years ago after killing a man in a gunfight… the brother of the woman he loved. Now Jim’s father needs his help fighting a bloody range war sparked by that same rancher’s family, who are power mad and land-hungry. The dangers Jim faces are deadlier, than he ever imagined…and more than he can handle with just his grit, his guts and his Colt .45

BY FLESH ALONE by March Hastings

Lila’s husband could not satisfy her so she rejected him – not for another man, but for a woman. A lesbian pulp classic, back in print for the first time in sixty years!

This is the story of Lila, who has been married for some years…to a man who doesn’t seem to desire her. In frustration, and desperate for physical release, she leaves her husband, turning first to a woman who was once her lover. Her lesbian passions reawakened, she leaves her old lover and seeks new excitement, and a fullfilling relationship, with another woman, a bold, self-confident, moody painter. But to Lila’s surprise, despite her love and attraction to the passionate artist, she still feels a deep, emotional pull to her husband.

BRANDED by A.C. Abbott

“If you like your books filled with roaring six-guns and continuous action, BRANDED will fill the bill.” Lansing State Journal
A man framed for murder tries to clear his name while running from killers and taking on cattle-rustlers.

THE BAD GIRLS by Bud Clifton (aka David Stacton)

A brutal, startling novel that vividly captures all the yearnings, drama and tragedy of two girls gone bad…innocent teenagers who defy society’s rules for a thrill…and end up on the main line to the gutter.

Teens Allie and Janey leave their small town home for the glamor and excitement of the big city…and find the energy, the bustle, and the hard, neon glare of downtown irresistable. They end up at the Jickey Club, drawn by the hot-jazz-filled atmosphere and the hint of danger. They should have taken the hint…because they soon fall into the dark underworld of drugs and prostitution…and may not get out alive.

OBSESSED by March Hastings

The impassioned story of a tormented woman, desperate for physical satisfaction of all kinds, seeking peace of mind, heart…and body.

A woman with an insatiable desire for sex seeks help from a psychiatrist… telling him her emotional story, hoping to end her unquenchable lust, find her true self, and live a normal life. But is it too late?