The explosive, bestselling novel that lays bare the erotic frustrations of suburban couples in 1960s America with savage frankness and searing drama.

In the wake of the Masters & Johnson studies, exposing surprising sex lives of Americans, came this fictional bestseller that explores what happens when a famous “sexologist” visits a small town to interview idle wives of the rich and famous… sparking passions that have been ignored or suppressed, dramatically changing the lives of the residents.


ALL 12 NOVELS by Richard Himmel, one of the greatest hard-boiled crime writers of the “Gold Medal” era, in one volume.

Throughout the 1950s, Richard worked by day as an interior designer and at night as a successful writer of paperback original crime novels. His first book, I’ll Find You was a massive, multi-million copy bestseller that almost single-handedly put Fawcett Crest’s famed “Gold Medal Paperbacks” on the literary map. He followed that book with four sequels in the “Johnny Maguire” series and four stand-alone novels.

LET HIM GO HANG by Bud Clifton aka David Stacton

A long-lost noir classic from an unknown master of the craft…a tragic, 1960s literary star hiding behind a pseudonym

The judge bangs his gavel. The murder trial is about to begin. ┬áThe defendant, Charles Adams is so scared, his knees are shaking..but If he knew how dire his situation really is, he’d be screaming. The defendant’s wife is wiggling with pleasure. She can’t want to see her husband hang. The dead girl’s parents are quaking with fury as they take their seats…they want Adams to die for what he did. ┬áBut things aren’t quite as they seem. Charles Adams is innocent. And doomed. Because the real killer is one of the jurors…and he’s certain what the verdict will be.

THE MURDER SPECIALIST by Bud Clifton (aka David Stacton)

“A stylistic virtuoso, matching on the typewriter the lightning flashes of such musical masters as Paganini on the violin,” The Chicago Tribune

Hal Williams is a specialist with one particular talent to sell: contract murders that appear to be accidents. He’s a professional who does his job with cool, calm, and calculated detachment…or so it seems. It’s all part of a long-term plan for ultimate revenge. But just when everything is coming together…he meets Unne, a mobster’s coldly sensual mistress, a kindred spirit with a dark, devastating secret of her own…and everything changes.

JUDGE NOT MY SINS by Stuart James

The provocative story of a fierce, destructive affair… of a man who longs to love without restraint, to give up his wife and children to plunge himself into a consuming passion that threatens his world… and of a woman who is driven by desire, and tormented by the horrible knowledge that her voracious hungers will destroy the man she loves. A classic novel of 1950s suburban life by Stuart James, author of FRISCO FLAT and BUCKS COUNTY REPORT.