If you’re like us, you first read this chiller when you were a kid…and never forgot it this timeless classic of mounting, subtle horror that has haunted generations of readers.

A woman is trapped in her own body. She’s speechless, paralyzed, and truly helpless, cared for by her seemingly loving family. But she knows with chilling certainty that one of them is trying to kill her…and will soon strike again…and she is unable to tell anyone or defend herself. Or is she? This became a classic episode of ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS.

THE UTAH KID by Roe Richmond

A violent, fast-moving, western classic, back in print for the first time in 70 years

A gunman fleeing his past in a whisky-gorged, lawless Missouri town joins a wagon train in a brutal journey across the plains and over the perilous Rockies, to a dusty, dying speck of desert hell in Utah, where he faces a vicious, bullwhip-wielding enemy.

RIDE THE WILD WIND by C. William Harrison

“An entertaining novel about an attempt to stir a revolt in the troubled west during the Indian Wars. It brings history to life.” San Francisco Examiner

In the aftermath of the Civil War on a Missouri riverboat, a group of bitter, fanatical southern rebels and renegades, plan an insidious scheme against the Yankees who defeated them — joining with the Sioux and other warring, Indian tribes in a devastating strike against the North.


“One of the toughest range wars in western fiction, told with Tom West’s inimitable dry humor and versatility in the cowpoke vernacular. The reader is assured of several hours of complete relaxation — if he can find it in murder, massacres and shootings.” Chicago Tribune

Crawler Connor raised his son Bill to become the fastest gunslinger in west for one purpose — vengeance. Now the time has come and Bill rides straight into a bloody range war to face his violent, bloody destiny.

THE COLD TRAIL by Paul Evan Lehman

Jim Randall sets out to solve his father’s brutal murder..but he’s a lone cowboy on the coldest of trails…and facing off against an entire town

Randall knows that his father, the town banker, didn’t kill himself, even if everybody in Briscoe says otherwise. There’s a killer out there, and there are plenty of likely suspects, including the bank’s greedy vice president and the slick-talking foreman of the Star Ranch. Whoever it is doesn’t want Jim discovering the truth and has hired a gunman to put him in a grave…right beside his father.

PALM SPRINGS by Tom Ardies

A powerful novel of money, passion, and castles in the sand in the grand tradition of Harold Robbins, Judith Krantz, Sidney Sheldon and Arthur Hailey… “A tale of power that becomes a page-turning whodunit.” Publishers Weekly

Adventurers, dreamers, thieves and kings: sooner or later all of them come to Palm Springs, the most lavish, sensual playground on earth. But for the six strangers who arrive in a limousine from the Beverly Wilshire hotel, it’s many things: an erotic utopia waiting to be physically conquered, a final chance a redemption, a fresh start, and a shot at winning a billion-dollar prize: developing a patch of dry sand into a new, exclusive community for the mega-rich.


A dangerously intimate, explosive pulp fiction classic, a landmark novel banned in 1960 and finally back in print for the first time in decades.

This was a strange family — they had wealth, prestige and the stature befitting their heritage. Yet beneath the veneer of respectability, smouldered a hidden evil. Why was the father so intent on securing the seduction of his own son? Why did the hauntingly beautiful Robin have a look of fear in her eyes?

OUTLAW BREED by William Bryon Mowery

A timeless, action-packed saga of tenacity, survival and retribution against impossible odds…back in print for the first time in over 70 years.

It’s 1936. Noel Irving, ex-chief of the Secret Squad of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, witnesses a brutal killing that sends him on an epic, harrowing quest deep into the Canadian wilderness, and to the furthest edges of the continent and humanity, in his relentless pursuit of bloody, final justice.