TAKE IT OFF by Mark Tryon

The story of two strippers, one who teased men but loved girls, and the other who tantalized both but couldn’t love any man or woman.
Raven-haired Margot Diego, stripper par excellence, tantalized with statuesque beauty and deliberately wicked flesh. But pretty, little Lula Lang was a different sort; she seemed the very essence of innocence. Tossing off her chaste costume, piece by piece, she became every man’s dream bride – restoring to him the delights of his first wild nights of love. WIth each performance, the two women tried to outdo each other, battling to tease and please the leering audience. But what was life like for Margot and Lula off stage?

ARKANSAS GUNS by William MacLeod Raine

“The tale starts in a cantor and breaks into an early gallop that continues through 248 pages. Raine uses all his old tricks to kindle tension.” Salt Lake Tribune

The proud and iron-willed Harvilles have been engaged in a bloody feud with the stubborn Logans, a neighboring family of bluebloods, since the recent end of the Civil War. But that doesn’t stop Larry Harville, returning to the family plantation after years away in England, from falling in love with a Logan woman…and when bloody-thirsty, outlaw killers ride into their Arkansas town, the families must put their violent hatred aside to fight a common enemy.

WALK WITH EVIL by Robert Wilder

A terrifying story of unrelenting suspense, back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

There is little chance of redemption in Redemption Cay, a Florida town where a million dollars in stolen cash was buried decades ago… and now a brutal mob boss, recently released after twenty years in prison, is coming to find it.

CRY ME A KILLER by Garrity

A relentless, hard-boiled classic…back in print for the first time in 60 years.

Detective Sgt. Walter Patterson is one of the few cops in the dark, miserable, corrupt city who can’t be bought or scared off, who isn’t a puppet of ruthless mobster Vince Ballanca. But Patterson is in a worse hell. He’s in love with the fat mobster’s wife…and to take her away from Ballanca, and survive, he’ll have to become a killer.


They stripped him of his badge, framed him for murder, and tossed him into the middle of a gangland war.

Max Carey is a hard-nosed NYC cop who takes bribes to satisfy his wife’s expensive tastes. But when his corruption is exposed, and he’s thrown off the force, his wife leaves him and runs away. He spends several years chasing her down and, when he finally finds her in Florida, she’s murdered and the crime is pinned on him by the underworld, who also send some killers to rub him out. Now Carey is out for bloody revenge and his own brand of tough justice.

SEASON FOR SIN by Louis Lorraine

A secluded resort where passions run wild…and anything goes.

It’s the early 1960s. A tormented couple desperate to escape their troubled pasts and to satisfy their carnal desires run off to a secluded, lake-front resort where clothing is optional.. and the sexy staff are experts at all the sensual pleasures.

A pulp fiction classic, lost for nearly 60 years, by the author of Commuter Widow, The Cheating Game, Reckless Wives and The Split-Level Game among many other sizzling novels of suburban angst and physical yearning.

CIRCLE OF SIN by March Hastings

To Sarine, sex was weapon, to be used whenever she wanted. 

Cabaret singer Sarine Duvall’s style and voice are sultry, sexy and magnetic…and it drives reasonable men wild with lust. That is Sarine’s power, and she knows how to wield it, using it to move to bigger and better New York clubs, and more attractive, possessive, and deadly men. No one wants her more than Paul, a married musician whose wife isn’t about to let him out of her matrimonial grip, and is willing to fight tooth and claw, lips and breasts, to keep him.