THE FREEBOOTERS by Robert Wernick

A long-lost, World War II literary classic in the dark, satirical tradition of Catch-22 and M*A*S*H, though it pre-dates those landmark novels by decades. The Freebooters was released in 1949 to widespread acclaim, with the San Francisco Chronicle declaring it “the best American war novel to arise so far.”

This is the story of the three enlisted men in “Task Force Sisyphus,” a special intelligence unit assigned to eradicate and report on any remnants of fascism still lingering in the battle-scarred communities in the aftermath of military victory.

SO FAIR, SO EVIL by Paul Connolly

So Fair, So Evil is a compelling, slowly-evolving story that combines adultery, lust and greed with a deep-seated insecurity. This combination is enthralling.” Paperback Warrior

Northerner Frank Sinclair marries into a rich, snobby Southern family that resents him…then he goes off to fight in the Korean War. He’s back on American shores when he learns that his wife, Dolly, has killed herself. He’s released a year later, a haunted man, and returns to Huntsville, convinced that his wife was murdered. His quest to prove it stirs up buried secrets and simmering hatred.

DEVIL’S DOORSTEP by Paul Evan Lehman

“A highly recommended western, well-written, skillfully-plotted, and fast moving.” Chicago Tribune

The corrupt town of Calder, known as The Devil’s Doorstep, is brutally run by Mayor Monk Malone as his personal domain and as a haven for gamblers, swindlers, rustlers and outlaws…to the horror and dismay of the local newspaper and the town Reverend, who are virtually powerless to stop him. But then a stranger named Borden rides into town, playing all the factions against one another. It’s not clear whose side he’s on…or if he’s only looking out for his own, mysterious interests. All anybody knows is that he’s the fastest gun in the territory and is not afraid to use it.


An epic family saga of the jazz age, when bathtub gin flowed, flappers were everywhere, and organized crime ruled the streets

Greg Meister was a farm boy who went off to war…and when he came back, everything was different. He meets Tandy Crain, a rich girl gone bad, in a Harlem jazz club, and falls in love. Together, they build a family and an empire, their lives dangerously entwined with music, the stock market and a ruthless mobster named Al Capone. It was a love built on dreams in a country built on promise. But when that promise is violently broken, Greg and Tandy must fight for their family’s survival in a brutal new country.

MAN AMONG WOMEN by Randy Salem

How does a man win back a woman he’s lost to another woman? A lesbian pulp fiction classic, back in print for the first time in over sixty years. Declared “indecent” in 1961 by National Organization for Decent Literature

They called themselves the “fringe society.” Wealthy, attractive, smart, young women who fled to the Bahamas to pursue a different lifestyle. Were they tired of compromising with life? Were they seeking freedom? If so, freedom to do what?

GOLD BRICK RANGE by Allan Vaughan Elston

Somewhere on a God-forsaken, dusty ranch is a lost billfold containing $60,000…in this western classic, back in print for the first time in 80 years.

The money belonged Stan Cogswell, but a swindler named Milt Prowers tricked him out of it… then someone stole it from the Prower…and then the thief lost it among the brambles on the endless mesa. If Stan doesn’t find it, he’ll lose his ranch…but he’s got to battle a horde of treasure hunters who are willing to kill for it.