THE CHEATERS by Ledru Baker Jr.

She opened the door to love… and death walked in.

He looked at the woman, slim and beautiful, the woman he’d been hired to ruin. Then he saw her haunted eyes and fell in love. After that, it was the two of them together in a merry-go-round of hate and fear… and murder.

BEYOND DESIRE by Richard Himmel

Would he ever have the strength to resist her? To call his life his own once more?

Clarissa…in her arms, Peter achieved manhood. She taught him that to love too many women was to love none at all. He was obsessed with her, drugged by her warmth and willingness. By now, he was ready to kill himself and her if she refused him…

THE SCARLET VENUS by Chalmers Green

A wickedly subversive, unpredictable and powerful hard-boiled masterpiece…lost for generations, now rediscovered.

Soldier McQuade is a prizefighter in New York who goes back to his rural home when his widowed sister-in-law dies, leaving behind two kids. He’s accompanied by Tennessee Bell, his other sister-in-law, who is on the run from a violent lover. But that simple, seemingly conventional starting point doesn’t begin to do this story justice… and to say more would spoil the stunning plot twists that veer shockingly away from every cliche. 


Every Color of Skin…Every Kind of Sin. A novel of men on the loose and women on the prowl.

The story of three girls who run a household of the dubious yet sprightly kind to be found only in Paris and the French Quarter of New Orleans. Their purpose is to love when and how they chose, their habit is to follow their desire wherever it lead. Favre experiments with a father but settles for his sons. Arden seeks the caressses of an artist…but also longs for Favre’s kisses. And there’s T’Ling, a sweet girl with golden skin, who takes love where she finds it. Are these three wicked? Or merely naughty? A rollicking, frolicking novel by the comparable John B. Thompson.

THE JUDAS HOUR by Howard Hunt

Her warm, passionate eyes and soft, giving body hid an evil and treacherous mind.

He had to destroy this evil woman. This woman he had once wanted with an animal passion. She brought him back from a living death, rescued him from degredation. But that had been no act of kindness and love. It had been, instead, part of a deliberate and fiendish plan. For now she felt that she owned him, that his life was hers. And she would use him as a piece of machinery, to be discarded on the junk heap the minute his usefulness was over. Yes, he’d been allowed to live… only so he could die.

THE LONG WAY NORTH by Jim Bosworth

The Spur outfit of Brownsville Texas is pushing a herd of 2700 longhorns to market in Montana, by way of the National Trail, two thousand miles of dust, drought and death.

“An outstanding, beautifully written, epic novel about the end of the trail, the demise of an era. Bosworth is a great writer. His characterisations are superb and the emotional conflicts are portrayed with intelligent understanding. One does not forget these people. The result is a gripping story, moreover one of outstanding literary merit.” San Francisco Chronicle

“An engrossing experience.” The New York Times

MIMI by Lee Morell

A Novel of Warped Passion.. Too Wild, Too Wanton, Too Willing!
Two couples pause in their pursuit of kicks and thrills to concoct a wild scheme. Leyra can’t bear children, so Mimi lends her body to Phil, Leyra’s husband, to conceive a child. The baby will go to Leyra and Phil, who in return will give Mimi and Griff enough money to get married. There’s just one catch: Leyra and Phil both want Mimi for themselves and Griff finds himself falling for another man.

TWISTED LOVE by Mark Tryon

Nym was so beautiful that she could have any man she wanted… if she’d wanted a man. The shocking story of a woman who hated men and used her body to lure them to disaster…while seducing women to satisfy her own carnal desires. A banned classic, back in print for the first time in sixty years!