About Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge Books was born in late 2019 as an off-shoot of our company Brash Books. We were looking for a way to publish books that we loved that didn’t fit into that brand’s unique niche… which is exclusively reprints of award-winning, highly acclaimed crime novels originally published after 1970 and bold, new fiction in the crime and thriller genres.

There are hundreds of great, cutting edge mysteries, westerns, thrillers, and literary fiction novels that were published between the 1940s and 1970s that have been out-of-print for decades, lost to generations of readers who either never knew those books even existed… or aren’t willing to slog through used bookstores to find tattered copies. Or, in some cases, the books have become so rare, only collectors can afford to own copies. We wanted to change that. We’re publishing new, outrageously affordable digital and trade paperback editions of these long-lost, forgotten, and rare books that even today, are still on the cutting edge of their genres.

But that’s not all.

We’re releasing a few very special, never-before published New Fiction titles… as well as some long lost, previously unpublished work by established authors. We’ve also carefully curated and collected our very best novels into massive and ridiculously low-priced ebook Anthologies.

Whether the books are reprints or never-before-published discoveries, our titles all share one thing in common—they are fantastic, boundary-pushing stories that will entertain, thrill, shock, captivate and excite you.


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