RIDE THE WILD WIND by C. William Harrison


“An entertaining novel about an attempt to stir a revolt in the troubled west during the Indian Wars. It brings history to life.” San Francisco Examiner

In the aftermath of the Civil War on a Missouri riverboat, a group of bitter, fanatical southern rebels and renegades, plan an insidious scheme against the Yankees who defeated them — joining with the Sioux and other warring, Indian tribes in a devastating strike against the North. As part of their plot, they snatch Branch McCabe, a southerner who gave up his birthright to fight for the north, to pilot their riverboat, once sunk in battle and raised from the depths for a new fight, northward against the roiling currents of the Missouri into Indian country. Now McCabe must risk his life again, and thwart a boatload of killers, to save the country he loves, and a woman who no longer loves him, from violent, bloody doom.