PURE PASSION: Four Full Novels


Four daring, sizzling hot novels of searing passion, violent crime, and insatiable desire.


WHIP OF DESIRE by March Hastings
Decades before Fifty Shades of Grey, there was Whip of Desire — the story of a woman with brutal needs no man could satisfy. Eve has beauty, talent and money, but deep within her is something wild that drives her to endure violence to satisfy her deepest, darkest, carnal needs.

BORN TO BE MADE by John Burton Thompson
Before EMMANUELLE, there was the story of Marvelle Martingale… a heart-stoppingly beautiful woman’s awakening of aching desire and her daring journey of carnal discovery as she explores every facet of her scorching sexuality in her quest for shattering, physical bliss and true love.

Guy Hill is a man on fire…who takes what he wants when he wants it. And what he lusts for is power, money…and women, lots of women. And the women lust for him, too, their desires inflamed by his raw need….and the violence that percolating inside him.

“Demaris’ narrative power plus copious doses of sex.” New York Times

SWAMP NYMPH by John Burton Thompson
Deep in the hot swamplands of the South, a desperate man on-the-run meets a woman of raw, natural beauty whose ravenous sexual desires could lead them both to sweet, ecstatic ruin.



The scandalous bestseller about a woman desperate for love… and for the physical release she’s never experienced. Back in print for the first time in sixty years!

Jenny Adams fears men…and is disgusted by sex…and yet longs to experience true love and searing, physical bliss. So she gives herself to men in the violent hope that it isn’t an empty dream. Through a disasterous marriage and multiple relationships, she desperately searches for a man she can truly love and who can, finally, unlock and satisfy her deepest carnal desires…something she fears is a cruel, unattainable myth. Or is it? Her journey to find out is an unforgettable saga of romance, passion and hope.

This novel, first published in 1950, was one of the books that launched Fawcett’s famed Gold Medal line of paperback originals….selling hundreds of thousands of copies over multiple printings throughout the decade. And yet, nothing is known about “Lillian Colter.” She doesn’t seem to have written a book before or since The Awakening of Jenny,nor did she do any interviews, leading some collectors to suspect “Lillian Colter” was a pseudonym for another author. If so, others argue, why didn’t the publisher capitalize on the massive success of this book to churn out more titles under her name? Is Lillian Colter a real author? Did she only write one bestseller, helping to launch a legendary imprint… and then disappear into obscurity? It’s a mystery.

WHIP OF DESIRE by March Hastings


Eve is breath-taking. What it takes to satisfy her is also breath-taking. Decades before Fifty Shades of Grey, there was Whip of Desire — the story of a woman with brutal needs no man could satisfy. A scandalous classic, back in print for the first time in ndearly 60 years.

Eve has beauty, talent and money, but deep within her is something wild that drives her to endure violence to satisfy her deepest, darkest, carnal needs.

Now there is a new man in her life….who knows nothing of her dark passions. She tells him what she wants from him, what she needs from him, and when he refuses, what she wants him to watch someone else to do her…

“March Hastings was the pen name of Sally Singer — a reasonably well known erotic fiction writer. Her works focused on the world of wealthy people and their psycho-sexual troubles. Her plots are convincing, style confident, characters unapologetically passionate yet believable, and dialogues top notch.” The Book Haven For The Retro Reader


He was a man on fire…who took what he wanted when he wanted it.

Guy Hill is pure evil, a washed-up movie star who returns to his hometown, seduces & marries the owner of the furniture company that is the life blood of the entire community, and then he murders her. He takes over the business and becomes the local King, holding everyone in the thrall and terror of his lusting drive for sex and power. His only adversary is his one-armed brother, the local Sheriff, who is powerless to stop him…until the car belonging to Guy’s “missing” wife is pulled from the cold depths of a local resevoir. Now Guy’s grip on power begins to erode, exposing the dark passions, deep corruption, and the lusting drives of everyone in the town.

“A modern-day western crime story about a guy who “runs the town” through fear and intimidation (and because he owns the biggest employer) who is pitted against his one-armed brother, who is the Sheriff. It could easily have been set in the 1800s in the old west. It’s a fast, fun, pulpy pleasure.” Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Deals with fairly ordinary people in a small, Idaho town. There are glints of Demaris’ narrative power plus copious doses of sex.” New York Times

“Brutal and sexy.” The Ottawa Citizen

HOT CRIME – FOUR COMPLETE NOVELS by Robert Dietrich, John Burton Thompson, and Carolyn Weston


Four sizzling hot, intensely passionate, hard-boiled crime novels by three masters of the genre in one ebook volume

KISS OR KILL by John Burton Thompson
TORMENTED by Carolyn Weston
ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD by John Burton Thompson
END OF A STRIPPER by Robert Dietrich (E. Howard Hunt)

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KISS OR KILL by John Burton Thompson

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A scandalous, erotic crime classic originally published in 1962.

This is harrowing, seductive, and suspenseful a coming-of-age novel about Jack McKnght, a young man terrorized by his evil mother and beaten by his cruel half-brothers from her previous relationship. His mother and step-brothers are furious that Jack’s late father willed half of his estate to him, his only biological heir. Their bitterness towards Jack becomes so extreme, that he begins to suspect that they are plotting to murder him…

“There are scenes of shocking violence…but it’s not an action novel. There are hot scenes of seduction…,but it never felt like a graphic sleaze novel. There are a few genuinely romantic storylines… but it’s certainly not a romance novel. It’s really [about] a compelling character overcoming a difficult upbringing and becoming a man. The violence escalates throughout the novel building to a bloodbath of a climax.” The Paperback Warrior


Louisiana native and WW2 veteran John Burton Thompson (1911-1994) authored and sold around 75 books under his own named, and many others under pseudonyms.

TORMENTED by Carolyn Weston

Tormented by Carolyn Weston


A searing novel of erotic obsession that was a scandalous sensation when it was released in 1956… becoming a rarity that has been desperately pursued by collectors for the last sixty years.

This is the story of five people… of Elizabeth Carnes, driven by a desperate, aching passion to a mysterious lover who is the only one who can give her the physical release her devoted husband can’t provide… of George Carnes, spurned by his wife and forced to seek solace in the womanly warmth of his secretary, the deceptively placid Stella Sander, who hides a voracious sexual appetite…of Jon Steen, the complex, dangerous, bisexual artist who unlocks Elizabeth’s lust… and of Tracy Steen, Jon’s controlling wife, whose neurotic, all-consuming need for love and devotion will lead to a shattering end for them all.

This is the first, published book by Carolyn Weston, the author of the crime novels that became the hit TV series THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO.