HOT TRIGGERS by Paul Evan Lehman


Bill Serviss is a ruthless, gun-fast ranger…his Colt .45 blazing hot justice against the toughest outlaws in the west.

The most feared man in town was Cleve Morley, proprietor of the SIlver Saddle Saloon. He ran the ranchers and he ran the prostitutes. But he couldn’t run Bill Serviss, the lustiest, hardest driving ranger in the territory. Now their conflict is about to erupt in a bloody battle that only one of them can survive.

Previously published as Passion in the Dust

WILD BLOOD by A.C. Abbott


A brutal, relentlessly hard-boiled, western classic, back in print for the first time in seventy years

Jim Dixon returns to the Arizona town he fled years ago after killing a man in a gunfight… the brother of the woman he loved. Now Jim’s father needs his help fighting a bloody range war sparked by that same rancher’s family, who are power mad and land-hungry. The dangers Jim faces are deadlier, than he ever imagined…and more than he can handle with just his grit, his guts and his Colt .45

“The author’s ability to create complex and interesting characters and spin this yarn in tough, very fast-paced prose lifts WILD BLOOD from a run-of-the-mill traditional Western to an excellent novel. I found it really entertaining and compulsive reading, ” James Reasoner, Rough Edges Blog

BRANDED by A.C. Abbott


“Grade A” New York Times

Rock Kendall is a wanted man, framed for killing a woman, and is intent on clearing his name while being pursued for the big bounty on his head. He has to find Ash Carlton, who committed the murder and has sent killers of his own after Rock to make sure the truth never comes out. Along the way, Rock helps a young, female rancher battling rustlers…which not only complicates his pursuit of vengeance but puts his life in even more danger.

“BRANDED is really hardboiled. Rock Kendall gets shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and knocked out more than once in the course of this book, but he absorbs all that punishment and keeps coming back stubbornly for more as he tries to clear his name and avenge himself on the man who betrayed him. An excellent writer.” James Reasoner, Rough Edges Blog

“A.C. Abbott welded together drama, suspense and romance and came up with a different touch of cowboy stories that will captivate the reader to its entirety. The climax is the greatest of all western epics.” Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

“Seethes with strife and killing, BRANDED is a lively western, culls the villain in pages of swift-moving plot that involves woman-killing, cattle-rustling, and romance.” The Cedar Rapids Gazette

“If you like your books filled with roaring six-guns and continuous action, BRANDED will fill the bill.” Lansing State Journal

“A dramatically satisfying novel of western in cattle-land. Abbott’s prose has a sprightly quality that will satisfy the most discriminating reader. An interesting story, thrill-packed to the final page.” The Dispatch (Moline, Illinois)


A.C. Abbott was the pseudonym of Helen Abbott Meinzer, who wrote 70 stories for western pulps in the 1930s and 40s, and died in 1963 in her mid-forties. She only wrote two novels, WILD BLOOD and BRANDED, both of which have been reissued by Cutting Edge.

NAVARRO by Carse Boyd (aka David Stacton)


“The characters are boldly drawn and interesting, and Boyd writes with real style. One of the best westerns of the year. ” Daily Oklahoman

In the mid-1800s, banditos swarmed into Arizona and Texas from Mexico, driven by the poverty and despair of a divided country, and terrorized homesteaders, ranchers and Indians, looting, burning, raping and killing. Navarro and his band were the worst of the banditos. No ranch, gringo or Indian was safe from his savage cruelty. But that changes when Navarro brutalizes and kills Sis Henshaw. Now her furious brothers are chasing after him, hell-bent on violent and total retribution….and Navarro is discovering what real terror feels like.

“For those who like them fast-moving and brutal. It’s excellent!” San Angelo Times

“Carse Boyd” was a pseudonym for David Derek Stacton (1923-1968), an acclaimed American poet and author, under various names, of literary fiction, historical novels, and soft-core gay porn. He was a two-time recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and also received a Literature Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. His work ranged from lurid tales like D is for Delinquent to a non-fiction book about the fall of Constantinople. His books under his own name include The Bonapartes, The Judges of the Secret Order, A Signal Victory and People of the Book: A Novel of the Thirty Years War. He died in Denmark in 1968.


“A stylistic virtuoso, matching on the typewriter the lightning flashes of such musical masters as Paganini on the violin,” The Chicago Tribune

“John Banville comes to mind as an author who so easily switches gears from fustian to fetid…it is fascinating to watch Stacton working out in the noirs the kind of novelist he would become. From the beginning, Stacton is drawn to a certain kind of person, the kind who is the ‘victim of the propulsive force of his own character.'” Los Angeles Review of Books

“The prose of David Stacton is like that of no other writer. It suggests a corridor in a dark Gothic tower, ill-lit by tapers, at one end of which a gong sounds incessantly.”Time Magazaine

“The most unjustly neglected American novelist of the post-war years, David Stacton’s ambitious high style and melodrama have seen him banished. It’s time for a return to favour. Few writers have managed more fully than Stacton to bear out Gore Vidal’s maxim that writers shouldn’t ‘write what they know’ but, rather, what they imagine or suspect.’… and yet, Stacton himself can be seen to hide in plain sight behind everything he wrote.” The Guardian (London)

“His prose reveals great cultural depth and breadth. He uses language lovingly. Almost every sentence contains a striking metaphor or simile. Aphorisms sparkle from paragraph to paragraph.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“David Stacton is a major writer who has the approval of critics but so far lacks the consent of readers at large. In short, it’s the story of literary virtue unrewarded…his novels are enjoyable as well as admirable.” Oakland Tribune



Three unforgettable novels by noir master Ledru Baker Jr. in one volume

The blockbuster, million copy bestseller in 1951, a beloved Gold Medal classic, is finally back-in-print to enthral a new generation with it’s raw, powerful description of a passionate love affair that had no limits. She belonged to one man…but she wanted another. They tried all the pleasures and they knew all the pain.

A crime lord strong-arms Jack Griffith, a struggling musician, into spying on his wife Mardi, who he suspects is cheating on him…but things go very wrong when Jack falls for her himself.

This book was adapted into the 1990 Canadian TV movie Frame Up Blues aka Le Danse du Scorpion.

Mark Mitchell is a playboy atomic rocket scientist who marries the wrong woman…and is betrayed in the worst possible way. He is quickly arrested, convicted of treason, and sentenced to life in prison. But that’s only the beginning of his nightmare in this lightning-fast, insanely unpredictable, brutal Cold War noir thriller.



ALL 12 NOVELS by Richard Himmel, one of the greatest hard-boiled crime writers of the “Gold Medal” era, in one volume.

Throughout the 1950s, Richard worked by day as an interior designer and at night as a successful writer of paperback original crime novels. His first book, I’ll Find You was a massive, multi-million copy bestseller that almost single-handedly put Fawcett Crest’s famed “Gold Medal Paperbacks” on the literary map. He followed that book with four sequels in the “Johnny Maguire” series and four stand-alone novels.

I’ll Find You (Johnny Maguire #1) 1950
The Shame aka Soul of Passion & Strange Desires ) 1950
The Chinese Keyhole (Johnny Maguire #2) 1951
I Have Gloria Kirby (Johnny Maguire #3) 1951
The Sharp Edge 1952
Beyond Desire 1952
Two Deaths Must Die (Johnny Maguire #4) 1954
Cry of the Flesh 1955
The Rich and the Damned (Johnny Maguire #5) 1958

At this point, his career as an interior designer was exploding, making him a national (and soon international sensation), so he took almost 20 years away from the typewriter, before returning to print with a trio of big, sexy, global spy thrillers in 1977.

The 23rd Web 1977
Lions at Night 1979
Echo Chambers 1982

CRY OF THE FLESH by Richard Himmel


A nightclub singer becomes an unwilling spy in a high-stakes, cold war plot in Richard Himmel’s action-packed, espionage classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Ne’er-do-well playboy & lounge singer Buster Clayton, living in Italy on his ability to seduce wealthy women, is strong-armed by his brother, famous journalist Maxwell Payton, to help the daughter of a Russian diplomat defect with a cache of secret documents that will make an explosive story… and spark an international incident. But all is not what it seems, and soon Buster and the woman, a seductive and deadly cipher herself, are fleeing through Europe, running a gamut of sex, lies, betrayals, and certain death.

“A famous foreign correspondent with a story to get and a secret to hide, a fanatical girl communist who will stop at nothing to serve her cause, and a night club performer who gets way out of his depth add up to plenty of excitement,” Oakland Tribune

“Richard Himmel was an outstanding writer… likely to please readers of well-written hardboiled crime who are also comfortable with some romance and human drama in their stories.” The Paperback Warrior

The Best Pulp Noir Fiction Volume Five: Four Hard-Boiled Novels


Four complete novels of raw, hard-boiled, pulp noir greatness by four masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in sixty years.

The Long Night By Ovid Demaris * The Cheaters by Ledru Baker Jr. * Johnny Come Deadly by Philip Race * Die on Easy Street by James Howard

Vince Slader is an ex-cop-turned-PI who is hired by a casino to hunt down a gambler with a $28,000 tab in return for a percentage of the debt. It seems like a straight-forward job until Slader winds up framed for murder. As if that isn’t bad enough, he becomes a target of hard-charging politicians and the West Coast mafia.

“Demaris saturates the prose with gunplay, fast cars and sexy women. The criminals are edgy, but the hero is a valid, uncompromising tough guy who serves as the perfect crime combatant.” The Paperback Warrior

A crime lord strong-arms Jack Griffith, a struggling musician, into spying on his wife Mardi, who he suspects is cheating on him…but things go very wrong when Jack falls for her himself.

This book was adapted into the 1990 Canadian TV movie Frame Up Blues aka Le Danse du Scorpion

Johnny was a crap game hustler, but when he blew into town they pegged him wrong. The cops said, ‘Killer,’ and slugged him simple. ‘Lover,’ the rich gal said, and got him even worse mixed up. Next came the ex-striptease queen with the heart of gold or pewter, and the Happiness Boys from the Syndicate. All Johnny had going for him was a fast pair of legs, a faster set of wits, and just maybe, the one female around who could be counted on to win it or lose it for keeps. A fickle broad named Lady Luck.

The ocean tide washed the body up on the beach. It was a woman’s nude body, without a face or a left hand. And when Steve Ashe discovered the remains of the once-beautiful redhead, he vowed to find her killer and hound him to the gallows. But to do it, Ashe has to tangle with a crooked private eye, an insanely jealous photographer, and a kill-crazy police chief…

“Steve Ashe is a badass!” The Paperback Warrior

ECHO CHAMBERS by Richard Himmel


“Intrigue to satisfy the most demanding reader.” Booklist

ECHO CHAMBERS is back… Richard Himmel’s eerily prescient thriller that foretold today’s rise of China, and the power they would exert over the world. What was once fiction has become a terrifying reality.

It’s 1982. Angus MacGlendon is an American business tycoon targeted by the Chinese as a key player in their secret plot to become a global industrial and economic superpower…and they will do whatever it takes, from blackmail to violence, to get him to cooperate. He soon becomes a target of the CIA, KGB and spies from Taiwan. To survive, he must play a complicated game of international intrigue and terror with the fate of the world in the balance…

“An exciting novel of international intrigue and terror.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“A novel of intrigue and espionage…(the characters) are leathered, unquenchable, sexually cruel people who apply their erotic meanness to the spy games they play… their passion is always entwined with the fates of whole nations. International affairs seem to be synchronized with the protagonists’ abilities to achieve simultaneous orgasm. High-level espionage becomes an attempt to block such a climax. CIA-tus interrutus , if you will. The action is there, the good guys are defined, skulls and gullets are endangered at every turn. The fate of the world hangs by a thread.” Chicago Tribune