THE CHEATERS by Ledru Baker Jr.


She opened the door to love… and death walked in.

He looked at the woman, slim and beautiful, the woman he’d been hired to ruin. Then he saw her haunted eyes and fell in love. After that, it was the two of them together in a merry-go-round of hate and fear… and murder.

A crime lord strong-arms Jack Griffith, a struggling musician, into spying on his wife Mardi, who he suspects is cheating on him…but things go very wrong when Jack falls for her himself.

This book was adapted into the 1990 Canadian TV movie Frame Up Blues aka Le Danse du Scorpion

BEYOND DESIRE by Richard Himmel


Would he ever have the strength to resist her? To call his life his own once more?

Clarissa…in her arms, Peter achieved manhood. She taught him that to love too many women was to love none at all. He was obsessed with her, drugged by her warmth and willingness. By now, he was ready to kill himself and her if she refused him…

“Decidedly off-beat but nonetheless absorbing. Himmel makes a most unusual story convincing. He should rake’em in.” Pensacola News-Journal

THE SCARLET VENUS by Chalmers Green

A wickedly subversive, unpredictable and powerful hard-boiled masterpiece…lost for generations, now rediscovered.

Soldier McQuade is a prizefighter in New York who goes back to his rural home when his widowed sister-in-law dies, leaving behind two kids. He’s accompanied by Tennessee Bell, his other sister-in-law, who is on the run from a violent lover. But that simple, seemingly conventional starting point doesn’t begin to do this story justice… and to say more would spoil the stunning plot twists that veer shockingly away from every cliche. 

 “A must-read for noir fans! More than sixty years after it was published, this book remains an exhilarating, wildly creative take on all the tropes and cliches of noir that, at the time, weren’t tropes or cliches yet. It’s hard to believe Chalmers Green didn’t write another book or become famous. Or did he under another name? It’s an intriguing mystery.” — Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

“There’s a kind of crazy brilliance to it. The writing style is hypnotic, assiduous about imagery, rich with lively internalization, all of which are artfully considered and delivered with an increasingly gripping pace. Chalmers Green, whoever he is or was, serves up some serious juice.” — David Spencer, from his Introduction



The second action-packed, hard-boiled Vince Slader PI novel

“When Freddie Sharpe starts to sing a million teenagers get sent the facts of life. Special delivery…”

Ex-cop turned PI Vince Slader is hired to protect Freddie Sharpe, an obscenely rich, obscenely arrogant, obscenely talented, and obscenely obscene big name singer… who moves through the sin-filled mansions, back alleys, bars, clubs and studios of Tinseltown with an entourage of hangers-on and sychophants, any one of whom could be homicidally jealous of their not-so-benevolent benefactor.

“Demaris saturates the prose with gunplay, fast cars and sexy women. The criminals are edgy, but the hero is a valid, uncompromising tough guy who serves as the perfect crime combatant.” The Paperback Warrior

“Demaris is a writer of real talent…as good as pulp fiction gets.” NB Magazine UK

“Whoever said crime doesn’t pay has never spoken to Ovid Demaris.” New York Times

PURE PASSION: Four Full Novels


Four daring, sizzling hot novels of searing passion, violent crime, and insatiable desire.


WHIP OF DESIRE by March Hastings
Decades before Fifty Shades of Grey, there was Whip of Desire — the story of a woman with brutal needs no man could satisfy. Eve has beauty, talent and money, but deep within her is something wild that drives her to endure violence to satisfy her deepest, darkest, carnal needs.

BORN TO BE MADE by John Burton Thompson
Before EMMANUELLE, there was the story of Marvelle Martingale… a heart-stoppingly beautiful woman’s awakening of aching desire and her daring journey of carnal discovery as she explores every facet of her scorching sexuality in her quest for shattering, physical bliss and true love.

Guy Hill is a man on fire…who takes what he wants when he wants it. And what he lusts for is power, money…and women, lots of women. And the women lust for him, too, their desires inflamed by his raw need….and the violence that percolating inside him.

“Demaris’ narrative power plus copious doses of sex.” New York Times

SWAMP NYMPH by John Burton Thompson
Deep in the hot swamplands of the South, a desperate man on-the-run meets a woman of raw, natural beauty whose ravenous sexual desires could lead them both to sweet, ecstatic ruin.

THE VIOLENT ONES by E. Howard Hunt (Robert Dietrich)


Paul Cameron walks out of prison after a stint for assault…and heads straight to Paris to find a lost shipment of gold that was smuggled in by the U.S. during WWII to fund the resistance. From the instant he lands in France, he’s plunged into a maelstrom of intrigue, violence, and murder.


E. Howard Hunt, who also wrote as “Robert Dietrich,” is best known for his role in the Watergate scandal rather than for his great crime novels.

MISTRESS TO MURDER By Robert Dietrich (E. Howard Hunt)

The fourth adventure in the Steve Bentley series. The Baron was dead and there were plenty of suspects, including his wife. A titled Lady with most unladylike tastes, she taught Steve Bentley that mixing in high society could be downright deadly.

“Steve Bentley [is] series fiction’s toughest tax accountant.” Bill Pronzini & Marcia Muller, 1001 Midnights, The Afficionado’s Guide to Detective Fiction

In life, he’d been every inch The Baron…master of an old Victorian mansion in Georgetown and all he could survey. But now Baron Alejandro Esquivel was just so much fodder for the worms…and it was up to Steve Bentley, ex-Spy-turned-CPA, to find out why. Bentley knews Esquivel’s wife Anita very well…and he knew her half-sister just well enough to know that he wanted to know her better

“As ‘Robert Dietrich,’ E. Howard Hunt wrote ten novels starring Steve Bentley, a Washington D.C. accountant who solves murders in private-eye style. The first thing to know about Bentley is that he isn’t just a paper-pushing CPA. He’s a Korean War veteran who was employed at one time by the U.S. Treasury Department. If you love vintage crime-fiction you should enjoy this tale.” The Paperback Warrior


Robert Dietrich was a pseudonym for E. Howard Hunt, better known for his role in the Watergate scandal rather than for his great crime novels. Gore Vidal wrote this about “Robert Dietrich” in The New York Times: “In 1957, H.H. gave birth to ‘Robert Dietrich.’ who specialized in thrillers, featuring Steve Bentley, formerly of the CID and now a tax consultant. H.H. plainly enjoys composing plausible (and implausible) biographies for his characters—not to mention for himself. In Contemporary Authors, H.H. composed a bio for his pseudonym Robert Dietrich, taking ten years off his age, putting himself in the infantry during Korea, awarding himself a Bronze Star and a degree from Georgetown.”

THE CAPTIVE by Norman Daniels


“An engaging, thoroughly enjoyable literary work. Daniels pulls no punches – this is a violent crime yarn from cover-to-cover.” The Paperback Warrior

World War II veteran Jeff Castle is living a quiet life as a big game hunter in Africa…until he’s called to the bedside of his dying, estranged grandfather in New York, where he learns he’s the sole heir to the man’s business: sixty hotels throughout the state. Castle barely has a chance to absorb the news when he’s seduced by a woman… who is murdered shortly after he leaves her bed. Now, instead of tracking game, he’s hunting for the woman’s killer in the concrete jungle. But the hunter is also the hunted, being stalked by vicous prey — the NY mob, who want to take the empire that he’s inherited, which isn’t what it seems.


American author Norman Daniels (real name Norman Danberg, 1905-1995) is best known for re-introducing pulp hero Black Bat in 1939. Daniels authored a number of short stories featuring the character for Black Book Detective. Arguably, Black Bat was the catalyst for DC Comics’ iconic Batman. Along with Black Bat, Daniels contributed stories for dozens of pulp magazines like Shadow, Gangster Stories, Thrilling Publications and All Detective. The author’s post-pulp career was immensely successful as Daniels utilized a number of pseudonyms to write crime-noir and adventure paperbacks for a variety of publishers. He also contributed scripts to the TV series Zane Grey Theater, General Electric Theater, Colt. 45, Sugarfoot and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. (Biography courtesy of The Paperback Warrior site)