THE COLD TRAIL by Paul Evan Lehman


Jim Randall sets out to solve his father’s brutal murder..but he’s a lone cowboy on the coldest of trails…and facing off against an entire town

Randall knows that his father, the town banker, didn’t kill himself, even if everybody in Briscoe says otherwise. There’s a killer out there, and there are plenty of likely suspects, including the bank’s greedy vice president and the slick-talking foreman of the Star Ranch. Whoever it is doesn’t want Jim discovering the truth and has hired a gunman to put him in a grave…right beside his father.

“An exciting western,” St. Albans Daily Messenger

MONTANA MAN by Paul Evan Lehman


“A thrilling saga of old Montana and a range-land whodunit. Stellar entertainment.” Los Angeles Daily News

Ex-Marshal Joe Raiford wants to settle down to a quiet life…and is scouting for the right spot for his ranch…when a wounded man, running from two gunmen, staggers into his camp and embroils him in a conspiracy involving cattle rustlers, a crooked lawyer, blood-thirsty killers, and a string of murders that could spark a range war.

“The story gets more urgent by the page, with plenty of lead poisoning and a shooting climax.” The Daily Oklahoman

“The plot is high above average for horse operas. The book moves like a hurricane.” The Long Beach Press-Telegram

DEVIL’S DOORSTEP by Paul Evan Lehman


“A highly recommended western, well-written, skillfully-plotted, and fast moving.” Chicago Tribune

The corrupt town of Calder, known as The Devil’s Doorstep, is brutally run by Mayor Monk Malone as his personal domain and as a haven for gamblers, swindlers, rustlers and outlaws…to the horror and dismay of the local newspaper and the town Reverend, who are virtually powerless to stop him. But then a stranger named Borden rides into town, playing all the factions against one another. It’s not clear whose side he’s on…or if he’s only looking out for his own, mysterious interests. All anybody knows is that he’s the fastest gun in the territory and is not afraid to use it.

“There is enough action here for any taste.” Fort Worth Star-Telegram

HOT TRIGGERS by Paul Evan Lehman


Bill Serviss is a ruthless, gun-fast ranger…his Colt .45 blazing hot justice against the toughest outlaws in the west.

The most feared man in town was Cleve Morley, proprietor of the SIlver Saddle Saloon. He ran the ranchers and he ran the prostitutes. But he couldn’t run Bill Serviss, the lustiest, hardest driving ranger in the territory. Now their conflict is about to erupt in a bloody battle that only one of them can survive.

Previously published as Passion in the Dust