THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS CRACKING UP – A Guide to Loving, Leaving & Living Again By /

The acclaimed, 1979 bestseller is back for a new generation… revealing with humor, heart, and piercing insight what dating, career, and motherhood was like then for working, divorced women… and how, in some startling ways, things haven’t changed in forty years.

This warm, funny and truthful book is one to reach for in the middle of the night when he knows and she knows the relationship isn’t working. Anyone who has ever had to pick up the pieces after it’s over and begin again will love this breezy, witty, and yet serious guide to surviving the ups and downs of coupling and uncoupling.

This edition includes a new introduction by Marcy Bachmann.


“Marcy Bachmann & Jan Curran have written a brave and funny book — joyous reading, not just for single parents but for all of us who at times feel like the world is going to hell in a wicker basket. The Statue of Liberty is Cracking Up never falls into sentiment for sentiment’s sake and the humor is real, the kind all of us can identify with.” —Rod McKuen

“It’s a sensible, cheerful work about divorce, children, money, sex and how to smile through the agony. The tone is rueful, sentimental, and as down to earth as a family court hearing. Wise, funny and marvelously to-the-point.” —Los Angeles Times

“With warmth, humor, and a great spirit of adventure, this book offers more insight into modern life than any I have read in recent years. Full of wit and wisdom, it speaks to anyone who is, or ever has been, married.” —Pat Loud, author of Pat Loud: A Woman’s Story and one of the subjects of the groundbreaking documentary An American Family

“Even if your marraige is safe, Bachmann and Curran will give you plenty of laughs.” —Newhouse Newspapers

“Tough and tender, warm and witty.” —Barnaby Conrad, author of Matador

“A helpful, spirited guide to the land of divorce — a surefire antidote to post-parting depression.” —Gwen Davis, author of The Pretenders

“What helps most when a love affair ends? High on the list must be 1) a sense of humor and 2) understanding friends. Authors Bachmann and Curran provide both. A must for lonely nights.” —Curt Gentry, author of Helter Skelter

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