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There are hundreds of great, cutting edge mysteries, westerns, thrillers, and literary fiction novels that were published between the 1940s and 1970s that have been out-of-print for decades, lost to generations of readers who either never knew those books even existed… or aren’t willing to slog through used bookstores to find tattered copies. Or, in some cases, the books have become so rare, only collectors can afford to own copies. We’re changing that. We’re publishing new, outrageously affordable digital and trade paperback editions of these long-lost, forgotten, and rare books that even today, are still on the cutting edge of their genres. But that’s not all. We’re also publishing selected non-fiction classics as well as some new, never-before-published titles. Whether the books are reprints or brand-new, our titles all share one thing in common—they are all fantastic, boundary-pushing stories that will entertain, thrill, shock, captivate and excite you.

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Latest Additions

Author The Big Bold West 14: Four Classic Western Novels

The Big Bold West 14: Four Classic Western Novels By Bradford Scott/John B. Prescott/Muriel Elwood

FOUR classic rip-roaring, action-packed western novels by four masters of the genre in one ebook edition.

CANYON KILLERS by Bradford Scott * HERITAGE OF THE RIVER by Muriel Elwood * THE GUNS OF HELL VALLEY by John Prescott * TOWARDS THE SUNSET by Muriel Elwood

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Author Masters of Literary Fiction #3: Four Full Novels

Masters of Literary Fiction #3: Four Full Novels By Bonnie Golightly/Delano Stagg/James Warner Bellah/William Dale Smith

Four ground-breaking, critically acclaimed literary novels, lost for decades, now back in print and in one ebook edition for the first time.

A MULTITUDE OF MEN by William Dale Smith, THE GLORY JUMPERS by Delano Stagg, INTEGRATION OF MAYBELLE BROWN by Bonnie Golightly, and WARD 20 by James Warner Bellah

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Commuter Widow By Louis Lorraine

A shocking, passionate story of a bored, scorned wife who trades her experience in love for the unschooled embraces of a teenage boy. Scorching, pulp fiction that's been out of print for 60 years...and is nearly as scandalous today as it was then.

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Author Masters of Literary Fiction #2: Four Full Novels

Masters of Literary Fiction #2: Four Full Novels By Carolyn Weston/Donald Stewart/Jan Huckins/Robert Wernick

Four ground-breaking, critically acclaimed literary novels, lost for decades, now back in print and in one ebook edition for the first time.

The Freebooters by Robert Wernick, Face of My Assassin by Jan Huckins & Carolyn Weston, Tamiko by Ronald Kirkbride and Crow by Donald Stewart

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Author Masters of Literary Fiction: Four Full Novels

Masters of Literary Fiction: Four Full Novels By Hans Werner Richter/Jim Bosworth/John Cantwell/William Russell

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Author A Multitude of Men

A Multitude of Men By William Dale Smith

A lost, literary masterpiece, hailed as "alive with shocking vitality" by the Auburn Journal, is now back in print for the first time in over sixty years....

It's 1960. Over the mills of the huge Craft Steel Company, the sky is ablaze, reflecting the white hot heat of its open-hearth furnaces. But the company and the town its workers live in are a tinderbox, crackling with the tensions of an impending power struggle that will reshape their lives. The heavy guns of the Industrial Workers of America, a new labor organization, are opening fire on the old, corrupt, company-dominated union...and 10,000 steel workers are caught in the crossfire.

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Author Bloody Beaches

Bloody Beaches By Delano Stagg

"Come on you sinners, hell is only half full!"

That was the battle cry of Marine Captain Cal Hobbes as he led his countless, seemingly suicidal charges in World War II. On island after island -- Guam, Okinawa, Tarawa, Iwo Jima -- his platoon always won their battles, no matter what the cost. Because for Hobbes, no sacrifice was too great, as long as someone else made it. 

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Author Ward 20

Ward 20 By James Warner Bellah

One of the most candid and acclaimed novels to arise from the ashes of World War II. This is the compelling story of 24 hours in the lives of soldiers in the amputee ward of an army hospital -- and the nurses who are treating them. The men paid the ugly price of war. Shattered in body and spirit, they find themselves tormented by the desperate, human needs they can't satisfy. 

"You read a book with your eyes, but this one hits you between them. Here is truth-telling the rises above mere authorship." Birmingham News

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Author The Guns of Hell Valley

The Guns of Hell Valley By John B. Prescott

A powerful novel about the untold, deadly aftermath of the Lincoln County war, and the desperate men, aflame with hate, who rose up for one more, final battle.

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Author The Stockade

The Stockade By Kenneth Lamott

A tough, revealing novel of men and women in the wake of war...in the tradition of The Naked & The Dead and From Here to Eternity.

Lt. Rossi is a tough Marine commander of a small, battle-weary platoon that's guarding 5000 prisoners-of-war in a Pacific island stockade. But his harsh efforts to maintain order, combined with a cascade of cultural misunderstandings and the platroon's consistentally brutal treatment of their prisoners, is raising the already simmering tension to the boiling point...and a possible massacre. 

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