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There are hundreds of great, cutting edge mysteries, westerns, thrillers, and literary fiction novels that were published between the 1940s and 1970s that have been out-of-print for decades, lost to generations of readers who either never knew those books even existed… or aren’t willing to slog through used bookstores to find tattered copies. Or, in some cases, the books have become so rare, only collectors can afford to own copies. We’re changing that. We’re publishing new, outrageously affordable digital and trade paperback editions of these long-lost, forgotten, and rare books that even today, are still on the cutting edge of their genres. But that’s not all. We’re also publishing selected non-fiction classics as well as some new, never-before-published titles. Whether the books are reprints or brand-new, our titles all share one thing in common—they are all fantastic, boundary-pushing stories that will entertain, thrill, shock, captivate and excite you.

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Latest Additions

Author Tales of the Deep South #2: Four Complete Novels

Tales of the Deep South #2: Four Complete Novels By Claudette Nicole/Don Kingery/Forbes Rydell/John B. Thompson

Four classic, unforgettable novels set in the deep south: ANNALISA by Forbes Rydell, OUT OF THESE FLAMES by John B. Thompson, CIRCLE OF SECRETS by Claudette Nicole and PAULA by Don Kingery

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Author Louisiana Noir: 12 Full Novels

Louisiana Noir: 12 Full Novels By Don Kingery/Forbes Rydell/John B. Thompson

12 sizzling stories of crime, sex, and brutality in the deep south in the 1950s & 1960s by John B. Thompson, Forbes Rydell & Don Kingery, all on one massive ebook.

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Author The Complete Pamela Windsor

The Complete Pamela Windsor By Pamela Windsor

All THREE of Pamela Windsor's unforgettable, epic romances, back in print for the first time in decades...and collected into a single volume for the first time ever.

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Author The Big Bold West #13: Four Classic Western Novels

The Big Bold West #13: Four Classic Western Novels By Fred Grove/Homer Hatten/John Tanner/Robert Steelman

FOUR classic rip-roaring, action-packed western novels by four masters of the genre in one ebook edition.
COMANCHE CAPTIVES by Fred Grove * CONQUEST by Homer Hatten * GAMBLER'S GIRL by John Tanner * WINTER OF THE SIOUX by Robert Steelman

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Author The Deadly Game

The Deadly Game By Norman Daniels

Mike Sloan is a jewel thief who has tired of being doggedly pursued by a cop. So he beds the cop's wife and sets her up to take the fall for his next heist. And that's only the beginning of the brutal, cat-and-mouse game, between cop and criminal, in this noir classic.

"The book has a promising premise. It's revenge to the nth degree—cuckold the cop, further humiliate him by succeeding with the crime, then railroad his wife to prison. We're talking cruel. It's probably worth taking the plunge." Pulp International

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Author Sugar Doll

Sugar Doll By John B. Thompson

A ravished girl. A ravishing woman. Their beauty and burning desires inflamed the Southern town, bringing out the raw passions of every man around them. Some men wanted them. Some men feared them. And some men were their prey....

A long-lost masterpiece of Louisiana noir by John B. Thompson.

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Author Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels

Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels By Carolyn Weston/Don Kingery/Jan Huckins/William Russell

Four powerful, controversial, highly-acclaimed novels set in the deep south during the 1950s and early 1960s that deal with politics, race, crime, and sex in bold, exciting stories that reflect the turbulent era...and leave a lasting impression. All these novels are back in print for the first time in over 60 years... and collected for the first time ever in one massive ebook.

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Author Logan at Sea: Two Full Novels

Logan at Sea: Two Full Novels By Alan Joseph/Jon Messmann

Killer at Sea and Logan, two long-lost, fast-moving, thrill-packed crime novels by Jon Messmann (writing as "Alan Joseph") are combined into a single ebook with a new introduction by Eric Compton, co-host of the Paperback Warrior podcast.

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Author Towards the Sunset

Towards the Sunset By Muriel Elwood

It's the early 1700s. Red-haired twins Elise & Antoine de Brievaux are pioneers struggling to survive in the great north, an unexplored territory seething with danger yet full of opportunity and wonder, on the eve of  a bloody war. An unforgettable, sprawling, historical adventure full of rip-roaring action, shocking violence, exhilarating triumphs and heart-breaking emotion.

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Author A Matter of Adultery

A Matter of Adultery By Don Lee

Public relations exec Chris Howard loves money and sex -- and is getting plenty of both. He is having a torrid affair with Jen, the hot and very scheming wife of his new, high-paying client, politician Bart Morley, who is vying for the Governor's mansion. It's a sweet tight-rope walk for Chris that turns unexpectly dangerous when someone threatens to kill him if he doesn't quit the job, which would mean quitting Jen, too. Now he's not walking a tight rope, he's walking on the edge of a razor blade.

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