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There are hundreds of great, cutting edge mysteries, westerns, thrillers, and literary fiction novels that were published between the 1940s and 1970s that have been out-of-print for decades, lost to generations of readers who either never knew those books even existed… or aren’t willing to slog through used bookstores to find tattered copies. Or, in some cases, the books have become so rare, only collectors can afford to own copies. We’re changing that. We’re publishing new, outrageously affordable digital and trade paperback editions of these long-lost, forgotten, and rare books that even today, are still on the cutting edge of their genres. But that’s not all. We’re also publishing selected non-fiction classics as well as some new, never-before-published titles. Whether the books are reprints or brand-new, our titles all share one thing in common—they are all fantastic, boundary-pushing stories that will entertain, thrill, shock, captivate and excite you.

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Latest Additions

Author Vulture Valley

Vulture Valley By Tom West

Hap Harrigon is on the run for a crime in Yuma and on the vengeance trail, even though he knows it will end at the gallows....involved in a bank robbery, a swindle, and a feud with sheepmen that draws the U.S. Cavalry into the dangerous mix. 

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The long-lost first novel in Secret Mission series of espionage novels by Don Smith featuring international businessman-turned-spy Phil Sherman.

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Author Flaming Guns - Coming Soon

Flaming Guns - Coming Soon By Burt Arthur

Mustang Marshall was one man with a slow drawl and a fast gun...standing tall against an outlaw empire.

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Author Brand of Fury - Coming Soon

Brand of Fury - Coming Soon By

A Lone Texan with Nothing On His Side by a Six-Gun

They hung Luke Chronister from a cottonwood. They shot down old Jake Pierce in his own corral. And they claimed Ed Raglan put his brand on another man's steer...so they pistol-whipped him and burned his spread. But Ed Raglan wasn't helpless like Luke or elderly like Jake. He was a man. And a man fights back.

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Author The Valiant Virginians

The Valiant Virginians By James Warner Bellah

The epic, brutally and vividly authentic story of three Southern young men fighting in six historical battles General Stonewall Jackson in the early years of the Civil War.

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Author Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt By Harrison Judd/Norman Daniels

The man accused of raping and killing a young girl could be innocent...and it all hinges on the eyewitness testimony of an old friend.

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A novel of gold, the men who hungered after it, and the harsh, bitter land they clawed it from.

"Prescott writes in the style of A.B. Guthrie in The Way West and The Big Sky. He tells of human emotions, heroic action and exciting adventure." St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Author Big Bold West 6: Four Classic Western Novels

Big Bold West 6: Four Classic Western Novels By Burt Arthur/James Warner Bellah/Walter Gann/William MacLeod Raine

Four rip-roaring, kick-ass western novels in one volume.

THE BLACK RIDER by Burt Arthur * ARKANSAS GUNS by William MacLeod Raine * ORDEAL AT BLOOD RIVER by James Warner Bellah * THE TRAIL BOSS by Walter Gann

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Author War Bonnet Pass

War Bonnet Pass By Les Savage/Logan Stewart

Hagar is a drifter, self-reliant and traveling alone, looking for an opportunity that hasn't happened yet. But then he wanders into a strip of Wyoming land that everyone wanted ....ranchers, gamblers, politicians...and they are all willing to kill for it. So is he.

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ORDEAL AT BLOOD RIVER By James Warner Bellah

The mighty Colorado River was known as blood river to the single, U.S Cavalry troop charged with policing the thousands of miles of hostile, Arizona territory around it...and where they are pitted against foreign mercenaries intent on snatching the land for themselves. But the blue-clad troops, battle-tested in the Civil War, and under the command of the relentless Lt. Flintridge Cohill, aren't willing to give an inch of the blood-soaked dirt to anyone. Arizona is a land where a man accepts total responsibility for what he does, and does whatever it takes to survive, or he's vulture meat.

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