MAN AMONG WOMEN by Randy Salem


How does a man win back a woman he’s lost to another woman? A lesbian pulp fiction classic, back in print for the first time in over sixty years. Declared “indecent” in 1961 by National Organization for Decent Literature

They called themselves the “fringe society.” Wealthy, attractive, smart, young women who fled to the Bahamas to pursue a different lifestyle. Were they tired of compromising with life? Were they seeking freedom? If so, freedom to do what?

Photojournalist Ralph Thayer, tired of New York and his fiance, heads to the Bahamas for a vacation…but instead meets Alison Adams, who introduces him to the forbidden secrets of her female circle…and finds himself fighting for her affections with another woman. Using all of his masculine charms, and he has many, he engages in an all out war with striking Maxine Carpenter for Alison’s heart and body. With savage fury, born of jealousy and envy, Maxine frantically lashes back.

Man Among Women accommodates the genre’s insistence on male voyeurism but resists the male power that traditionally accompanies it… The male protagonist is allowed to look at lesbians but always with painful consequences.” Yvonne Keller, American Quarterly

“Randy Salem has written another top-notch lesbian paperback. Surprisingly, the story line is male-oriented but despite this drawback, it is a superior paperback, full of well-drawn convincing lesbians.” Gene Damon, Ladder

“Randy Salem” was the pseudonyn for Pat Purdue, a major name in lesbian pulp fiction…and the longtime lover of Sally Singer, also a prolific author of lesbian pulp fiction under the pseudonum “March Hastings.” Salem’s other ground-breaking books include Chris, Tender Torment, The Unfortunate Flesh, The Soft Sin, and The Sex Between.



Their morals were flimsy and weak…and when the barriers gave way, these three fiery women were plunged headlong into a swift undertow of sex, money and intrigue that drew them into one man’s bed. A pulp noir, romance classic, back in print after sixty years!

In this balmy cove a fishing fleet calls home, three woman are pros at catching men. And they all want Mike, for one reason or another. There’s Holly, a newlywed fleeing her drunken husband and the control of his rich father. Is she looking for escape in his arms? There’s Carla, a woman hired to seduce him…but doesn’t know by whom or why. And there’s Mig, an unhappily married waitress who wants to get out of town…and so much more. Finally, there’s brawny Mike, targeted by all three women…what drives them to risk everything to be in his arms? And what’s his secret…and what will happen when it is revealed?

SPEED DEMON by Jim Bosworth


A craze for speed….what will break first, the flesh or the machine? Speed Demon is a super-charged adventure in the high-speed, nerve shattering world of race car drivers… and it’s the story of their women, whose passions are aroused as much by the roaring machines as by the men who drive them.

Car racing in 1958 is not just a sport for Martin Janis… it’s his life. After a series of deadly triumphs melting California asphalt with his speed in a quick-silver, Italian-made car, driving for a wealthy sportsman, Martin accepts a dream offer from an Italian car-maker to race on the man-killing tracks of Europe. The battles Martin has to fight within the legendary car company are almost as dangerous as the curves of the track…and the curves of Anna, a glamorous, beautiful and hot-blooded woman who is using every tool she has to seperate Martin from Charlotte, his home-town love who travels with him from the U.S. His personal and professional challenges come to a fiery climax at the German Grand Prix on the treacherous Nuremburg Ring in an unforgettable, heart-pounding race.

This is one of the most authentic, powerful, and exciting novels ever written about car racing…the first book by Jim Bosworth, author of the epic and enduring western The Long Way North.



A sprawling, action-packed epic about the war for Canada…and the legendary men who fought it.

It’s 1759. Duncan Crosbie, exiled Scotsman, soldier of France, loves war. He’s driven by his unrelenting determination to defeat the English, who killed his father at the Battle of Culloden. But Crosbie is not getting much of an opportunity to fight anymore. The French king lolls in his palace, under the witchery of Madame de Pompadour, and the army stands idle. So Crosbie sails for the New World, to join the tall captains, fighting the British in the northern wilds of Canada . . .

This book is the prequel to Spicer’s bestselling western adventure The Wild Ohio

“An exhilarating historical story of frontier warfare. Bart Spicer breathes life into his novels that makes an experience of reading them, rather than a pastime. This is a longer-than-usual story but one that you will regret must end.” Chattanooga Daily Times

“A cast of characters is as long and impressive as the book is thick. Duncan Crosbie is Spicer’s most memorable creation.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“This painstakingly researched novel of early Canada is one of the best it has been our good fortune to encounter.” The Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) 

“Spicer endows his characters with colorful and unique traits. The historical chaos is vivid, created with vitality and feeling.” Nashville Banner

“A turbulent war story that culminates in one of the great moments of history—the French and English War, with the American Revolution only fifteen years away.”  Tulsa World