LESBIAN PULP FICTION 3: Four Classic Novels


Four lost, ground-breaking classics of lesbian pulp fiction, back in print for the first time in 60 years.

BY FLESH ALONE by March Hastings
This is the story of Lila, who has been married for some years…to a man who doesn’t seem to desire her. In frustration, and desperate for physical release, she leaves her husband, turning first to a woman who was once her lover. Her lesbian passions reawakened, she leaves her old lover and seeks new excitement, and a fullfilling relationship, with another woman, a bold, self-confident, moody painter. But to Lila’s surprise, despite her love and attraction to the passionate artist, she still feels a deep, emotional pull to her husband.

UNNATURAL by Sloane Britain
Allison loved Lydia. She loved her so much that sometimes she thought it was wrong. She felt that there must be something sinful about a love so strong it blotted out everything else. Lydia was Allison’s whole life… until one night, when she went to a wild, bohemian party and met Cal Staton. He certainly seemed interested… and everyone was always telling her to settle down… but Cal Staton was a man, and men had hurt her so much. Perhaps she would be better off staying with Lydia, who turned the world away when she took her in her arms. Lydia, who could make her melt with a glance… and climb to the peaks of ecstasy with just a caress…

THE OUTCASTS by March Hastings
Two couples join for a weekend of escape from New York…a getaway that becomes a cauldron of boiling temptations that would ignite their long-buried desires and shatter their lives. It’s the story of Leigh Whitman, a rich, married woman who has everything a woman could desire…and yet aches to indulge her repressed, compulsive desires, aroused now by Jennie Dunbar…a emotionally-torn woman trapped in a decomposing marriage and who now finds herself yearning for a different kind of touch, a different kind of love…

OBSESSED by March Hastings
A woman with an insatiable desire for sex seeks help from a psychiatrist… telling him her emotional story, hoping to end her unquenchable lust, find her true self, and live a normal life. But is it too late?

“March Hastings was the pen name of Sally Singer. Her works focused on the world of wealthy people and their psycho-sexual troubles. Her plots are convincing, style confident, characters unapologetically passionate yet believable, and dialogues top notch.” The Book Haven For The Retro Reader

CARNIVAL GIRL by Max Gareth aka Stuart James


A sensational story of sex and struggle set against the flaming background of a traveling carnival, where kind hearts clash with ruthless passions, and savage lust takes the place of love..

A pretty face, a love hungry body of nurturing beauty…Norma is young and green. Norma has fought to keep her virginiity since the age of twelve from the hands of her drunken, lustful stepfather. She flees from home and keeps going for three crazy days, heading west without money or clothes. She joins a traveling carnival and becomes their star performer, the sexy sensation of the show, the sensual woman every man wanted to possess and every woman wanted to be. But she’s swept up in a sweet, aching glorious storm of passion and pleasure that threatens to consume her…body and soul.

“Max Gareth” was the pseudonym of Stuart James, author of Bucks County Report and Frisco Flat, among other novels.

“A fast-moving, compelling tale that has a literate, well-written style and lots of interesting carnival background. A very readable, entertaining yarn. Clearly, Stuart James was a natural storyteller.” James Reasoner, author of more than 350 novels under various pseudonyms.



The explosive, bestselling novel that lays bare the erotic frustrations of suburban couples in 1960s America with savage frankness and searing drama.

In the wake of the Masters & Johnson studies, exposing the surprising sex lives of Americans, came this fictional bestseller that explores what happens when a famous “sexologist” visits a small town to interview the idle wives of the rich and famous… sparking passions that have been ignored or suppressed, dramatically changing the lives of the residents.

This book was republished in the early 1960s with the same title, but under the pseudonym “Irwin Wallach,” and later under the title The Devil’s Workshop, but once again under the Stuart James byline.

JUDGE NOT MY SINS by Stuart James


The provocative story of a fierce, destructive affair… of a man who longs to love without restraint, to give up his wife and children to plunge himself into a consuming passion that threatens his world… and of a woman who is driven by desire, and tormented by the horrible knowledge that her voracious hungers will destroy the man she loves. A classic novel of 1950s suburban life by Stuart James, author of FRISCO FLAT and BUCKS COUNTY REPORT.

ECHO CHAMBERS by Richard Himmel


“Intrigue to satisfy the most demanding reader.” Booklist

ECHO CHAMBERS is back… Richard Himmel’s eerily prescient thriller that foretold today’s rise of China, and the power they would exert over the world. What was once fiction has become a terrifying reality.

It’s 1982. Angus MacGlendon is an American business tycoon targeted by the Chinese as a key player in their secret plot to become a global industrial and economic superpower…and they will do whatever it takes, from blackmail to violence, to get him to cooperate. He soon becomes a target of the CIA, KGB and spies from Taiwan. To survive, he must play a complicated game of international intrigue and terror with the fate of the world in the balance…

“An exciting novel of international intrigue and terror.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“A novel of intrigue and espionage…(the characters) are leathered, unquenchable, sexually cruel people who apply their erotic meanness to the spy games they play… their passion is always entwined with the fates of whole nations. International affairs seem to be synchronized with the protagonists’ abilities to achieve simultaneous orgasm. High-level espionage becomes an attempt to block such a climax. CIA-tus interrutus , if you will. The action is there, the good guys are defined, skulls and gullets are endangered at every turn. The fate of the world hangs by a thread.” Chicago Tribune



Four daring, sizzling hot novels of searing passion, violent crime, and insatiable desire.


HOT BLOOD by John Burton Thompson
Some on the bayou say Karen Snowden was a good girl… others say she was born bad. Either way, the men all seemed to want her. Perhaps that’s why everyone wondered…. did she ask for what happened to her, or was she an innocent victim of violent lust? Dick Gamble knew all the answers…and as far as willing Jenny and tempting Annette were concerned, he did. He divided his time between their lavish charms. It became more difficult when he met Karel…but he wasn’t the only one who wanted her. And then, in one savage hour, everything changed…as if a bomb had been dropped on their town.

The “female form divine” is photographer Pat Mulroney’s specialty. He’s one of the best glamor photographers in the business. Then he meets the depraved and voluptuous Nell, who takes her carnal pleasures in many ways..and who introduces him to Tony, the sensual and lusty lesbian stripper… .Matta, the shy girl who loses her shyness, and so much more, entirely in front of the camera, and Janey, Nell’s lovely daughter, who wants Pat almost as much as her mother does.

The story of three girls who run a household of the dubious yet sprightly kind in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Their purpose is to love when and how they chose, their habit is to follow their desire wherever it leads. Favre experiments with a father but settles for his sons. Arden seeks the caressses of an artist…but also longs for Favre’s kisses. And there’s T’Ling, a sweet girl with golden skin, who takes love where she finds it.

The scandalous bestseller about a woman desperate for love… and for the physical release she’s never experienced. Jenny Adams fears men…and is disgusted by sex…and yet longs to experience true love and searing, physical bliss. So she gives herself to men in the violent hope that it isn’t an empty dream. Through a disasterous marriage and multiple relationships, she desperately searches for a man she can truly love and who can, finally, unlock and satisfy her deepest carnal desires…something she fears is a cruel, unattainable myth. Or is it? Her journey to find out is an unforgettable saga of romance, passion and hope

HOT CRIME – FOUR COMPLETE NOVELS by Robert Dietrich, John Burton Thompson, and Carolyn Weston


Four sizzling hot, intensely passionate, hard-boiled crime novels by three masters of the genre in one ebook volume

KISS OR KILL by John Burton Thompson
TORMENTED by Carolyn Weston
ONE MORE FOR THE ROAD by John Burton Thompson
END OF A STRIPPER by Robert Dietrich (E. Howard Hunt)

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THE STATUE OF LIBERTY IS CRACKING UP – A Guide to Loving, Leaving & Living Again by Marcy Bachmann & Jan Curran


Barnes & Noble

The acclaimed, 1979 bestseller is back for a new generation… revealing with humor, heart, and piercing insight what dating, career, and motherhood was like then for working, divorced women…and how, in some startling ways, things haven’t changed in forty years.

This warm, funny and truthful book is one to reach for in the middle of the night when he knows and she knows the relationship isn’t working. Anyone who has ever had to pick up the pieces after it’s over and begin again will love this breezy, witty, and yet serious guide to surviving the ups and downs of coupling and uncoupling.

This edition includes a new introduction by Marcy Bachmann.


“Marcy Bachmann & Jan Curran have written a brave and funny book — joyous reading, not just for single parents but for all of us who at times feel like the world is going to hell in a wicker basket. The Statue of Liberty is Cracking Up never falls into sentiment for sentiment’s sake and the humor is real, the kind all of us can identify with.” Rod McKuen

“It’s a sensible, cheerful work about divorce, children, money, sex and how to smile through the agony. The tone is rueful, sentimental, and as down to earth as a family court hearing. Wise, funny and marvelously to-the-point.” Los Angeles Times

“With warmth, humor, and a great spirit of adventure, this book offers more insight into modern life than any I have read in recent years. Full of wit and wisdom, it speaks to anyone who is, or ever has been, married.” Pat Loud, author of Pat Loud: A Woman’s Story and one of the subjects of the groundbreaking documentary An American Family

“Even if your marraige is safe, Bachmann and Curran will give you plenty of laughs.” Newhouse Newspapers

“Tough and tender, warm and witty,” Barnaby Conrad, author of Matador

“A helpful, spirited guide to the land of divorce — a surefire antidote to post-parting depression.” Gwen Davis, author of The Pretenders

“What helps most when a love affair ends? High on the list must be 1) a sense of humor and 2) understanding friends. Authors Bachmann and Curran provide both. A must for lonely nights.” Curt Gentry, author of Helter Skelter