LIONS AT NIGHT by Richard Himmel


A heart-racing thriller, packed with copious sex, international intrique, and unrelenting suspense

An undercover CIA agent living as a centerfold model and all-around hustler is the key player a deadly, global game of intrique and death where the players include a sexually-ravenous TV newswoman, a powerful Mafia don, and foreign assassins…. but who are actually the hunters and who are the prey for the lions at night?

“A taut thriller that builds to a blazing climax.” Publishers Weekly

CRY OF THE FLESH by Richard Himmel


A nightclub singer becomes an unwilling spy in a high-stakes, cold war plot in Richard Himmel’s action-packed, espionage classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Ne’er-do-well playboy & lounge singer Buster Clayton, living in Italy on his ability to seduce wealthy women, is strong-armed by his brother, famous journalist Maxwell Payton, to help the daughter of a Russian diplomat defect with a cache of secret documents that will make an explosive story… and spark an international incident. But all is not what it seems, and soon Buster and the woman, a seductive and deadly cipher herself, are fleeing through Europe, running a gamut of sex, lies, betrayals, and certain death.

“A famous foreign correspondent with a story to get and a secret to hide, a fanatical girl communist who will stop at nothing to serve her cause, and a night club performer who gets way out of his depth add up to plenty of excitement,” Oakland Tribune

“Richard Himmel was an outstanding writer… likely to please readers of well-written hardboiled crime who are also comfortable with some romance and human drama in their stories.” The Paperback Warrior

ECHO CHAMBERS by Richard Himmel


“Intrigue to satisfy the most demanding reader.” Booklist

ECHO CHAMBERS is back… Richard Himmel’s eerily prescient thriller that foretold today’s rise of China, and the power they would exert over the world. What was once fiction has become a terrifying reality.

It’s 1982. Angus MacGlendon is an American business tycoon targeted by the Chinese as a key player in their secret plot to become a global industrial and economic superpower…and they will do whatever it takes, from blackmail to violence, to get him to cooperate. He soon becomes a target of the CIA, KGB and spies from Taiwan. To survive, he must play a complicated game of international intrigue and terror with the fate of the world in the balance…

“An exciting novel of international intrigue and terror.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“A novel of intrigue and espionage…(the characters) are leathered, unquenchable, sexually cruel people who apply their erotic meanness to the spy games they play… their passion is always entwined with the fates of whole nations. International affairs seem to be synchronized with the protagonists’ abilities to achieve simultaneous orgasm. High-level espionage becomes an attempt to block such a climax. CIA-tus interrutus , if you will. The action is there, the good guys are defined, skulls and gullets are endangered at every turn. The fate of the world hangs by a thread.” Chicago Tribune

THE 23RD WEB by Richard Himmel


“Slick…there is action, conspiracy, plenty of sex. Himmel knows how to keep everything at a boil. He’s a good storyteller in the Arthur Hailey style. There is so much action that the reader is swept along. It’s like a B-movie of international intrigue. This book will amuse and entertain you.” The New York Times

A cold-blooded Arab sheik and his army of psychopathic terrorists use blackmail, kidnapping and murder to force hundreds of rich Amercan Jews to stop giving money to Israel, part of a complex effort to economically cripple the Jewish nation. One man, Justice department attorney Peter Frankel, leads the fight against the insidious plot, drawing him into an inescapable web of twisted sex and brutal violence.

“Kinky, muscular and menacing,” Vogue Magazine

“The simplicity of Himmel’s plot is what makes his book fascinating. ..and it all seems very plausible. The characters are believable (with) large doses of sex sprinkled liberally throughout.” Berkeley Gazette

“Notable for its ingenuity…the conflict is entertaining as the terrorists and American supporters of Israel face each other in a battle of nerves and wills.”South Bend Tribute

“A surprising climax.” Tampa Tribune

“The pace of the action is steady and the wind-up is satisfying.” Publishers Weekly

The Best Pulp Noir Fiction Volume Three: Four Hard-Boiled Novels


Four complete novels of raw, hard-boiled, pulp noir greatness by four masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in sixty years.

The Scarlet Venus by Chalmers Green * I’ll Find You by Richard Himmel * The Lusting Drive by Ovid Demaris * The Judas Hour by Howard Hunt

A wickedly subversive, unpredictable and powerful hard-boiled masterpiece…lost for generations, now rediscovered. Soldier McQuade is a prizefighter in New York who goes back to his rural home when his widowed sister-in-law dies, leaving behind two kids. He’s accompanied by Tennessee Bell, his other sister-in-law, who is on the run from a violent lover. But that simple, seemingly conventional starting point doesn’t begin to do this story justice… and to say more would spoil the stunning plot twists that veer shockingly away from every cliche.

Johnny Maguire is a struggling lawyer who falls into a passionate affair with the widow of one of his clients. She disappears… supposedly taking a suicide dive into the ocean. But Maquire doesn’t buy it and starts searching for her…a quest that pits him against the mob and spirals into a twisted story of sex and murder.

Guy Hill is pure evil, a washed-up movie star who returns to his hometown, seduces & marries the owner of the furniture company that is the life blood of the entire community, and then he murders her. He takes over the business and becomes the local King, holding everyone in the thrall and terror of his lusting drive for sex and power. His only adversary is his one-armed brother, the local Sheriff, who is powerless to stop him…until the car belonging to Guy’s “missing” wife is pulled from the cold depths of a local resevoir. Now Guy’s grip on power begins to erode, exposing the dark passions, deep corruption, and the lusting drives of everyone in the town.

He had to destroy this evil woman. This woman he had once wanted with an animal passion. She brought him back from a living death, rescued him from degredation. But that had been no act of kindness and love. It had been, instead, part of a deliberate and fiendish plan. For now she felt that she owned him, that his life was hers. And she would use him as a piece of machinery, to be discarded on the junk heap the minute his usefulness was over. Yes, he’d been allowed to live… only so he could die.

The Best Pulp Noir Fiction Volume Two: Four Hard-Boiled Novels


Four complete novels of raw, hard-boiled, pulp noir greatness by four masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in sixty years

One For The Road by Robert Dietrich * The Captive by Norman Daniels * Self-Made Widow by Philip Race * The Chinese Keyhole by Richard Himmel

It’s 1954. The man’s name is Larry Roberts. His home is the highway, working the rich widow racket from Miami to L.A. Now he gets into bed with a lusty young socialite who is plotting her own deadly twist on double indemnity…and the sucker this time might just be him.

World War II veteran Jeff Castle is living a quiet life as a big game hunter in Africa…until he’s called to the bedside of his dying, estranged grandfather in New York, where he learns he’s the sole heir to the man’s business: sixty hotels throughout the state. Castle barely has a chance to absorb the news when he’s seduced by a woman… who is murdered shortly after he leaves her bed. Now, instead of tracking game, he’s hunting for the woman’s killer in the concrete jungle. But the hunter is also the hunted, being stalked by vicous prey — the NY mob, who want to take the empire that he’s inherited, which isn’t what it seems.

Johnny Babcock was the name on the life insurance policy for $100,000. Johnny Babcock was the name on all the identification found on the crumpled, burnt body found at the body of a ravine. Johnny Babcock’s grieving widwow gratefully accepted the cashier’s check from the insurance company. And all the while, Johnny Babcock lived on Skid Row, doubled-crossed by the wife he loved…and facing murder charges if he ever revealed his true identify. Is there a way out for Johnny that doesn’t put him in the grave…or behind bars?

Ex-spy-turned-lawyer Johnny Maguire hadn’t visited Chinatown in a long time, and now he wasn’t there for the tourist attactions. Not that the Chinese Keyhole didn’t have plenty to offer–if you liked that sort of thin. Behind its pseudo-Oriental facade, the strip-club provided unusual entertainment for its off-beat clientele…and the performers were weirder than those who paid to watch them. Somewhere amongst the lust, sadism, and brutality there was the key to a Communist spy ring. And Johnny had to find it…through a mess of murder, mayhem, lust, and sadism he smashed his way to the Chinese Keyhole, where hell was set to music.

BEYOND DESIRE by Richard Himmel


Would he ever have the strength to resist her? To call his life his own once more?

Clarissa…in her arms, Peter achieved manhood. She taught him that to love too many women was to love none at all. He was obsessed with her, drugged by her warmth and willingness. By now, he was ready to kill himself and her if she refused him…

“Decidedly off-beat but nonetheless absorbing. Himmel makes a most unusual story convincing. He should rake’em in.” Pensacola News-Journal

THE SHAME by Richard Himmel

Kit Greer was a war widow. Lovely, young and very lonely…the startling story of a woman who could not forget the past and a man who dared not remember.

Originally published as Soul of Passion, the first novel by Richard Himmel, who would become a bestselling and widely acclaimed author of crime novels and thrillers…as well as a world-renowned interior designer.