Towards the Sunset By

The third novel in Muriel Elwood’s classic western saga, which began with Heritage of the River, but a story that stands on its own as a stunning, historical adventure. Back in print for the first time in 75 years.

It’s the early 1700s. Red-haired twins Elise & Antoine de Brievaux are pioneers struggling to survive in the great north, an unexplored territory seething with danger yet full of opportunity and wonder, on the eve of  a bloody war. An unforgettable, sprawling, historical adventure full of rip-roaring action, shocking violence, exhilarating triumphs and heart-breaking emotion.

“An vivid tale of life lived gloriously in the face of privation and hardship that stirs the imagination.” The Daily Oklahoman

“The most stirring and suspenseful story she has yet written.” Publishers Weekly

“Elwood writes vividly of the pioneer life, of the hostile Indian territory, mixed with love, adventure and history.” Dayton Daily News

“Written with knowledge of the period and plenty of enthusiasm…it will stir the imagination of any reader.” The Meridian Record-Journal

“Muriel Elwood has quite a gift for spinning out the threads of the story and weaves a colorful pattern of a turbulent era.” The Courier-Journal

“A historical panorama. Its pages are full of Maypoles, tortures, balls, deathbed scenes, marriages, births, red-haired twins, naked Indian maidens, and an amputation.” The William & Mary Quarterly


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