HOT TRIGGERS by Paul Evan Lehman


Bill Serviss is a ruthless, gun-fast ranger…his Colt .45 blazing hot justice against the toughest outlaws in the west.

The most feared man in town was Cleve Morley, proprietor of the SIlver Saddle Saloon. He ran the ranchers and he ran the prostitutes. But he couldn’t run Bill Serviss, the lustiest, hardest driving ranger in the territory. Now their conflict is about to erupt in a bloody battle that only one of them can survive.

Previously published as Passion in the Dust

WILD BLOOD by A.C. Abbott


A brutal, relentlessly hard-boiled, western classic, back in print for the first time in seventy years

Jim Dixon returns to the Arizona town he fled years ago after killing a man in a gunfight… the brother of the woman he loved. Now Jim’s father needs his help fighting a bloody range war sparked by that same rancher’s family, who are power mad and land-hungry. The dangers Jim faces are deadlier, than he ever imagined…and more than he can handle with just his grit, his guts and his Colt .45

“The author’s ability to create complex and interesting characters and spin this yarn in tough, very fast-paced prose lifts WILD BLOOD from a run-of-the-mill traditional Western to an excellent novel. I found it really entertaining and compulsive reading, ” James Reasoner, Rough Edges Blog

BRANDED by A.C. Abbott


“Grade A” New York Times

Rock Kendall is a wanted man, framed for killing a woman, and is intent on clearing his name while being pursued for the big bounty on his head. He has to find Ash Carlton, who committed the murder and has sent killers of his own after Rock to make sure the truth never comes out. Along the way, Rock helps a young, female rancher battling rustlers…which not only complicates his pursuit of vengeance but puts his life in even more danger.

“BRANDED is really hardboiled. Rock Kendall gets shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and knocked out more than once in the course of this book, but he absorbs all that punishment and keeps coming back stubbornly for more as he tries to clear his name and avenge himself on the man who betrayed him. An excellent writer.” James Reasoner, Rough Edges Blog

“A.C. Abbott welded together drama, suspense and romance and came up with a different touch of cowboy stories that will captivate the reader to its entirety. The climax is the greatest of all western epics.” Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

“Seethes with strife and killing, BRANDED is a lively western, culls the villain in pages of swift-moving plot that involves woman-killing, cattle-rustling, and romance.” The Cedar Rapids Gazette

“If you like your books filled with roaring six-guns and continuous action, BRANDED will fill the bill.” Lansing State Journal

“A dramatically satisfying novel of western in cattle-land. Abbott’s prose has a sprightly quality that will satisfy the most discriminating reader. An interesting story, thrill-packed to the final page.” The Dispatch (Moline, Illinois)


A.C. Abbott was the pseudonym of Helen Abbott Meinzer, who wrote 70 stories for western pulps in the 1930s and 40s, and died in 1963 in her mid-forties. She only wrote two novels, WILD BLOOD and BRANDED, both of which have been reissued by Cutting Edge.



ALL 12 NOVELS by Richard Himmel, one of the greatest hard-boiled crime writers of the “Gold Medal” era, in one volume.

Throughout the 1950s, Richard worked by day as an interior designer and at night as a successful writer of paperback original crime novels. His first book, I’ll Find You was a massive, multi-million copy bestseller that almost single-handedly put Fawcett Crest’s famed “Gold Medal Paperbacks” on the literary map. He followed that book with four sequels in the “Johnny Maguire” series and four stand-alone novels.

I’ll Find You (Johnny Maguire #1) 1950
The Shame aka Soul of Passion & Strange Desires ) 1950
The Chinese Keyhole (Johnny Maguire #2) 1951
I Have Gloria Kirby (Johnny Maguire #3) 1951
The Sharp Edge 1952
Beyond Desire 1952
Two Deaths Must Die (Johnny Maguire #4) 1954
Cry of the Flesh 1955
The Rich and the Damned (Johnny Maguire #5) 1958

At this point, his career as an interior designer was exploding, making him a national (and soon international sensation), so he took almost 20 years away from the typewriter, before returning to print with a trio of big, sexy, global spy thrillers in 1977.

The 23rd Web 1977
Lions at Night 1979
Echo Chambers 1982

CRY OF THE FLESH by Richard Himmel


A nightclub singer becomes an unwilling spy in a high-stakes, cold war plot in Richard Himmel’s action-packed, espionage classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Ne’er-do-well playboy & lounge singer Buster Clayton, living in Italy on his ability to seduce wealthy women, is strong-armed by his brother, famous journalist Maxwell Payton, to help the daughter of a Russian diplomat defect with a cache of secret documents that will make an explosive story… and spark an international incident. But all is not what it seems, and soon Buster and the woman, a seductive and deadly cipher herself, are fleeing through Europe, running a gamut of sex, lies, betrayals, and certain death.

“A famous foreign correspondent with a story to get and a secret to hide, a fanatical girl communist who will stop at nothing to serve her cause, and a night club performer who gets way out of his depth add up to plenty of excitement,” Oakland Tribune

“Richard Himmel was an outstanding writer… likely to please readers of well-written hardboiled crime who are also comfortable with some romance and human drama in their stories.” The Paperback Warrior

BRUTE MADNESS by Ledru Baker Jr.


A wild, hard-boiled, pulp novel that will leave you breathless. Once the action starts, it doesn’t let up…

Mark Mitchell is a playboy atomic rocket scientist who marries the wrong woman…and is betrayed in the worst possible way. He is quickly arrested, convicted of treason, and sentenced to life in prison. But that’s only the beginning of his nightmare in this lightning-fast, insanely unpredictable, brutal Cold War noir thriller. 

FRISCO FLAT by Stuart James


When his father is beaten-to-death, Korean War vet and ex-prize fighter Frankie Cargo returns to his home in the small, northern California waterfront town of Frisco Flat. Cargo has inherited his father’s fishing boat business and trouble from Sam Barlow, the vicious local cannery owner who rules the town with fear…and with the iron fist of the psychopathic and corrupt Sheriff. If that wasn’t bad enough, Barlow gets involved with the Sheriff’s lover, the voluptuous Tosca Sorrento, who wants more than any man can give. But Barlow won’t be pushed…and never backs down from a fight.

“Pretty darned good. Frisco Flat moves along well. The book is a little better written, a little more literary, than many hard-boiled novels.” James Reasoner, author of Texas Wind

“The pacing is brisk and the action sequences are exciting.” The Reading California Fiction Blog

STUART JAMES grew up in rural Pennsylvania and at 15 went to work as a sports reporter for the Delaware Valley Advance. Later. while attending Temple University, he was a copy boy for the Philadelphia Record, then served a stint in an intelligence unit in the Army. Newspaper work took him all across the country before he abandoned journalism, invested in a used Royal typewriter. and wrote adventure stories “by the pound”—meanwhile holding down such jobs as hunting guide, truck driver, bartender, rough carpenter, carnival barker, cannery worker, and ice cream salesman—as the rejections flooded in. At age 28, while working on a tuna boat out of Monterey, California, he sold his first story to a pulp magazine for $100. Several hundred stories later, when the short fiction markets started drying up, he became a staff writer, then executive, for a series of magazines. including Popular Mechanics and True. Finally, he quit magazines to become a a PR copywriter as well as ghostwriter and scriptwriter. “All the stuff any writer does,” he said. Many of his professions inform the milieus and character portraits in his novels. In 1992, the year of his last known published book, he was making his home between residences in Greenwich, Connecticut, and Cedar Key, Florida. At this writing (October, 2020), there is no further information known as to his whereabouts (he would be 98 if still alive) or passing. (Biography courtesy of David Spencer)

SPEED DEMON by Jim Bosworth


A craze for speed….what will break first, the flesh or the machine? Speed Demon is a super-charged adventure in the high-speed, nerve shattering world of race car drivers… and it’s the story of their women, whose passions are aroused as much by the roaring machines as by the men who drive them.

Car racing in 1958 is not just a sport for Martin Janis… it’s his life. After a series of deadly triumphs melting California asphalt with his speed in a quick-silver, Italian-made car, driving for a wealthy sportsman, Martin accepts a dream offer from an Italian car-maker to race on the man-killing tracks of Europe. The battles Martin has to fight within the legendary car company are almost as dangerous as the curves of the track…and the curves of Anna, a glamorous, beautiful and hot-blooded woman who is using every tool she has to seperate Martin from Charlotte, his home-town love who travels with him from the U.S. His personal and professional challenges come to a fiery climax at the German Grand Prix on the treacherous Nuremburg Ring in an unforgettable, heart-pounding race.

This is one of the most authentic, powerful, and exciting novels ever written about car racing…the first book by Jim Bosworth, author of the epic and enduring western The Long Way North.

THE SCARLET VENUS by Chalmers Green

A wickedly subversive, unpredictable and powerful hard-boiled masterpiece…lost for generations, now rediscovered.

Soldier McQuade is a prizefighter in New York who goes back to his rural home when his widowed sister-in-law dies, leaving behind two kids. He’s accompanied by Tennessee Bell, his other sister-in-law, who is on the run from a violent lover. But that simple, seemingly conventional starting point doesn’t begin to do this story justice… and to say more would spoil the stunning plot twists that veer shockingly away from every cliche. 

 “A must-read for noir fans! More than sixty years after it was published, this book remains an exhilarating, wildly creative take on all the tropes and cliches of noir that, at the time, weren’t tropes or cliches yet. It’s hard to believe Chalmers Green didn’t write another book or become famous. Or did he under another name? It’s an intriguing mystery.” — Lee Goldberg, #1 New York Times bestselling author.

“There’s a kind of crazy brilliance to it. The writing style is hypnotic, assiduous about imagery, rich with lively internalization, all of which are artfully considered and delivered with an increasingly gripping pace. Chalmers Green, whoever he is or was, serves up some serious juice.” — David Spencer, from his Introduction