“Grade A” New York Times

Rock Kendall is a wanted man, framed for killing a woman, and is intent on clearing his name while being pursued for the big bounty on his head. He has to find Ash Carlton, who committed the murder and has sent killers of his own after Rock to make sure the truth never comes out. Along the way, Rock helps a young, female rancher battling rustlers… which not only complicates his pursuit of vengeance but puts his life in even more danger.

“BRANDED is really hardboiled. Rock Kendall gets shot, stabbed, punched, kicked, and knocked out more than once in the course of this book, but he absorbs all that punishment and keeps coming back stubbornly for more as he tries to clear his name and avenge himself on the man who betrayed him. An excellent writer.” James Reasoner, Rough Edges Blog

“A.C. Abbott welded together drama, suspense and romance and came up with a different touch of cowboy stories that will captivate the reader to its entirety. The climax is the greatest of all western epics.” Lubbock Avalanche-Journal

“Seethes with strife and killing, BRANDED is a lively western, culls the villain in pages of swift-moving plot that involves woman-killing, cattle-rustling, and romance.” The Cedar Rapids Gazette

“If you like your books filled with roaring six-guns and continuous action, BRANDED will fill the bill.” Lansing State Journal

“A dramatically satisfying novel of western in cattle-land. Abbott’s prose has a sprightly quality that will satisfy the most discriminating reader. An interesting story, thrill-packed to the final page.” The Dispatch (Moline, Illinois)


A.C. Abbott was the pseudonym of Helen Abbott Meinzer, who wrote 70 stories for western pulps in the 1930s and 40s, and died in 1963 in her mid-forties. She only wrote two novels, WILD BLOOD and BRANDED, both of which have been reissued by Cutting Edge.