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Heroine of the Prairies By

Heroine of the Prairies A classic western, the final novel in Sheba Hargreaves' epic trilogy, back in print for the first time in over 90 years. "'Heroine of the Prairies' ranks with such masterpieces of the past as 'The Last of the Mohicans' and 'The Luck of Roaring Camp.'" Lexington Herald-Leader

Ward of the Redskins By

Ward of the Redskins The second novel in Sheba Hargreaves' beloved and acclaimed Oregon Pioneer Trilogy, back in print for the first time in over 70 years.

Jim Faxon, a Bostonian trader and botanist, searches the wild, untamed Oregon frontier for Multnomah, a mysterious "white squaw" rumored to have been taken and raised by an isolated Indian tribe years earlier. His long and rigorous quest, through the secret passage over Neah-Kah-Nie peak, and down the rough Tillamook coast, and eastward again through the mountains to the "lake in the crater,"  is frought with danger, struggle and violence and leads to a shocking discovery.

The Cabin at the Trail's End By

The Cabin at the Trail’s End The story of the Bainbridge family, who arrive in Oregon's Willamette valley in 1843 exhausted, worn and low on provisions to settle as farmers, and their heroic struggle to survive against one hardship after another.

It Was Like This By

It Was Like This A powerful, romantic drama set in the deep south of the late 1800s, a novel the Lexington Herald hailed as "a tiny masterpiece of style, of subtlety, of studied artistry." Back in print for the first time in nearly 75 years.

The lives of widow Louisa Martin, her two adult sons Hugh and Lawrence, and her adopted daughter Anna on an isolated pecan plantation in Southern Mississippi in the late 1800s.  

Canadian Westerns: Four Full Novels By //

Canadian Westerns: Four Full Novels Four classic, action-packed, adventure-filled, western novels set in Canada.​​​​​​​
Heritage of The River by Muriel Elwood * The Burntwood Men by WIlliam McCaig * The Tall Captains by Bart Spicer * Toward the Sunset by Muriel Elwood * BONUS NOVEL The Outlaw Breed by William Byron Mowery