A sensational story of sex and struggle set against the flaming background of a traveling carnival, where kind hearts clash with ruthless passions, and savage lust takes the place of love.

A pretty face, a love hungry body of nurturing beauty… Norma is young and green. Norma has fought to keep her virginiity since the age of twelve from the hands of her drunken, lustful stepfather. She flees from home and keeps going for three crazy days, heading west without money or clothes. She joins a traveling carnival and becomes their star performer, the sexy sensation of the show, the sensual woman every man wanted to possess and every woman wanted to be. But she’s swept up in a sweet, aching glorious storm of passion and pleasure that threatens to consume her… body and soul.

“Max Gareth” was the pseudonym of Stuart James, author of Bucks County Report and Frisco Flat, among other novels.

“A fast-moving, compelling tale that has a literate, well-written style and lots of interesting carnival background. A very readable, entertaining yarn. Clearly, Stuart James was a natural storyteller.” James Reasoner, author of more than 350 novels under various pseudonyms.

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