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Take it Out in Trade By

Take it Out in Trade Upon its release in 1957, "Take It Out in Trade" was immediately declared “objectionable” by the Roman Catholic Church’s National Office of Decent Literature. Now the incendiary novel is finally back after over sixty years... and you can decide if it is irredeemable trash, or  pulpy, harmless entertainment…or even genuine literature.

Frenzy of Desire By

Frenzy of Desire Laurent is torn by her physical desire for Dan, her friend and doctor, and for Elsie, a woman who offers an exciting, forbidden love that makes her tremble just imaginng it. To make a decision, she must discover what her true nature is...which she can only know by experiencing, and satisfying, both of her lusts in a frenzy of desire. And then she meets Johnny...who changes everything.

Any Man's Playmate By

Any Man’s Playmate When beautiful abstract artist Nicolette Starmont took rough-and-tumble law student Mel Corbin to her bed as her model and gigolo, he considered himself very lucky. She loved sex, which inspired her art, but it also filled an aching, insatiable hunger for her that no man alone could satisfy. He soon discovered that the hot, carefree eighteen-year-old was already a widow, and that she'd eagerly satisfy her needs with men or women, depending upon who was handly, willing and had the necessary stamina. But as she rises in the art world and he becomes a criminal defense lawyer, their unusual, years-long, purely sexual arrangement takes a horrific turn, shattering their world and forcing Mel into the fight of his life.

First Person, Third Sex By

First Person, Third Sex It's 1959. Janet and Paula meet as teaching students and decide to move in together when they get jobs at a school in the same small town. Their friendship develops into something deeper and more intimate for them both.. Paula has been romantically involved with women before, but this same-sex attraction is new, exciting and unsettling for Janet. It's a relationship that leads them both to discoveries and challenges they never expected.

The Wanton One By

The Wanton One She Made It Her Business to Get What She Wanted... and She Never Stop Wanting. 

Three gorgeous women pursued Don Kerry, but one of them is using her sensuous wiles against him for much more than satisfying her intense lust.

But which woman is it?

Man Chase By

Man Chase "Every man ever caught, or yet to be caught, in a female tug-of-war will appreciate this lusty, fast-paced, action-packed book." Joel Raleigh, The Lowdown

High-voltage executive Dave Macklin's alcoholic wife Janet, sweet and seductive, burns with lust that drives her into the arms of other men. But Dave isn't so virtuous himself, pursued by two women who crave a passion that only he can  deliver. But at what cost to them all?