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Sugar Doll By

Sugar Doll A ravished girl. A ravishing woman. Their beauty and burning desires inflamed the Southern town, bringing out the raw passions of every man around them. Some men wanted them. Some men feared them. And some men were their prey....

A long-lost masterpiece of Louisiana noir by John B. Thompson.

A Matter of Adultery By

A Matter of Adultery Public relations exec Chris Howard loves money and sex -- and is getting plenty of both. He is having a torrid affair with Jen, the hot and very scheming wife of his new, high-paying client, politician Bart Morley, who is vying for the Governor's mansion. It's a sweet tight-rope walk for Chris that turns unexpectly dangerous when someone threatens to kill him if he doesn't quit the job, which would mean quitting Jen, too. Now he's not walking a tight rope, he's walking on the edge of a razor blade.

The Thrill Club By

The Thrill Club It's the early 1960s. Stu Harmon's ex-wife is knifed to death by her lesbian lover...and it nearly destroys him. To understand the tragedy, and what led to it, he delves into the twisted world of love and sex among the beatniks in Malibu and Topanga Canyon.

The John Thompson Reader By

The John Thompson Reader Here are 12 scorching novels of lust, adventure, crime, tragedy and romance by John B. Thompson, an under-appreciated author of sharply observant, brilliantly-written stories of the deep south in the 1950s & '60s. Unfortunately, his books were packaged and marketed as "sleaze" for their uncompromising explicitness. So his bold work fell into obscurity. Now they are back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

A Rage Within By

A Rage Within Kitty is happily married to a young, virile man...but she's never experienced a desire that scorches her from head to toe...or the great, body-shaking climax that other women have...... so she goes looking for it, a personal and physical journey that will change her life. 

Honey in Louisiana: Two Complete Novels By /

Honey in Louisiana: Two Complete Novels Honey is a young, mixed-race woman involved in a tempestuous romance with white boy. Together they discover that passion is color-blind...and dangerous. It's a frank story of love and hate, of generosity and selfishness, of tradition-bound Southerners caught up in a conflict of races, emotions and desires...told across two raw, edgy, novels: Honey and the sequel Love in Louisiana, back in print for the first time in over seventy years and combined into one edition.