Chico's Women By

Women will do anything for him… so he forces them to do everything.

Millions of women yearned for dashing and dangerously sexy Jonny Chico, the health and beauty expert on TV and radio, who offered advice on better living through diet and exercise, while hiding his secret past as a pimp. He’s a fraud and a crook who drives women wild. But his childhood friend Carol knows the truth, and now a chance encounter with him at a swank, Park Avenue party her rekindled a lust that never ebbed in her, even after she got married. She knows Chico is sordid and evil, selfish and craven, but she can’t resist his physical charms and honeyed voice. No woman can. He exercises a mysterious, diabolical power over every woman he meets…leaving them helpless to deny him anything. He delights in his sensual power, but if Carol can’t control her raging desire, it could destroy her…and everyone in her life.