A Summer Woman, a Child of The Devil, With a Hunger for Men… and Violence

An uncensored wanton was Marie, an unadulterated adultress who lived in a world of men — and enemies. There was a raging furnace fueled by greed and desire. Her passion was to inflame men and then consume them, leaving behind her the ashes of dead loves. In the summer resort where she reigned, man after man felt the touch of her fire, woman after woman shriveled up in her fierce glow…and the human debris mounted. Then the stranger came among them, a man with a past too heavy to carry, with a granite heart and hands to tear the world apart… or snuff out a life. And so they met, fire beat against unmelting rock, and the air of summer was charged with the stifling heat that comes before the storm.

“While still possessing the crime-noir elements, Dark of Summer is a textured romance novel about a man on the run settling into a quiet lakefront community in Pennsylvania. He’s faced with a number of seductive women including Marie, a corrupt businesswoman who’s feuding with owners in a bidding war for coveted real estate. If you enjoy seduction, romance and power struggles, Dark of Summer should fulfill your desires.” The Paperback Warrior