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CRY ME A KILLER Detective Sgt. Walter Patterson is one of the few cops in the dark, miserable, corrupt city who can’t be bought or scared off, who isn’t a puppet of ruthless mobster Vince Ballanca. But Patterson is in a worse hell. He’s in love with the fat mobster’s wife… and to take her away from Ballanca, and survive, he’ll have to become a killer.


WALK WITH EVIL A terrifying story of unrelenting suspense, back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

There is little chance of redemption in Redemption Cay, a Florida town where a million dollars in stolen cash was buried decades ago… and now a brutal mob boss, recently released after twenty years in prison, is coming to find it. But he’s not alone. A young reporter is also on the trail… but telling the story could jeopardize the life of the innocent woman he loves.


KISS OFF THE DEAD They stripped him of his badge, framed him for murder, and tossed him into the middle of a gangland war.

Max Carey is a hard-nosed NYC cop who takes bribes to satisfy his wife’s expensive tastes. But when his corruption is exposed, and he’s thrown off the force, his wife leaves him and runs away. He spends several years chasing her down. When he finally finds her in Florida, she’s murdered and the crime is pinned on him by the underworld, who also send some killers to rub him out. Now Carey is out for bloody revenge and his own brand of tough justice.

Season of Assassins By

Season of Assassins Only one other man knew the crimes of Philip Stevens… who had shot one of his own soldiers during a raid behind enemy lines in Africa, knowingly sent to other men straight into German fire, and faked his way out of battle into a hospital, where he perverted the tenderness of love-starved nurse to his own, desperate needs. And while Stevens struggles to cover his ugly tracks, the sole witness to his cowardice relentlessly pursues him in a chilling, suspense thriller that leads to a stunning climax.


DEADHEAD Christmas Eve, 1949. A man wakes up dazed on the streets of Baltimore after suffering a beating that wipes away his memory…and becomes the target of vicious mobsters who are convinced he’s faking amnesia to hide a $300,000 secret. Now he’s on the run, fighting for his life, and searching for his past…leading to a stunning climax in a snowy, deserted amusement park on a cold, dark, winter night.