Mamie Brandon By

“You know the drill—attraction, infidelity, death.” Pulp International

Young, sexy Mamie works at a diner on a desolate highway outside of Sacramento….where she has a hot, satisfying physical relationship with a rouastabout without any real financial prospects. So when Karl Brandon, a local rancher nearly twice her age, proposes marriage, she accepts, trading money and security over passion and love. But she soon realizes that the comforts of a fine home and the life of a homemaker aren’t enough to make her happy…or to satisfy her aching needs, which grow more insistent with each passing day. A chance meeting with a former lover ignites Mamie’s desperate hunger again, sweeping them both up in a torment of lust and looming tragedy.

A slightly longer version of this book was originally published in England in 1949. A noir classic, back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

“This piece of working-class realism offers a familiar story in an unfamiliar setting. From the first few pages readers will know that Mamie’s marital aspirations are going to have tragic consequences. What they won’t know is what’s going to happen along the way and exactly what the consequences will be. Sheridan keeps the story moving logically and cooks up a surprising ending. His writing style is clear and controlled.” Reading California Fiction