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The Counterfeit Courier By

The Counterfeit Courier Judson Van Horn is a U.S. spy who is growing weary of the game...and the killing. He is the personification of brute menace, powerful, clever, tough and pitiless. And he knows that his latest mission could force him into betrayal and murder in the name of God and country. But he does it anyway, because that is who is he is....and all he knows.

McCaffery By

McCaffery Finally back in print! This ground-breaking, controversial novel, banned in Australia and other countries for it's "homosexual references," was the dream acting/directing project of actor Sal Mineo, who was tragically murdered only hours after learning the movie would finally be made. 

Vincent McCaffery is bright, good-looking, and gifted teenage hustler who seduces both men and women for money. He moves from a NY tenement into a plush Greenwich Village brothel, hoping to make it rich, but he falls in love with a prostitute and then plunges into a world of decadence and violence when an older man becomes obsessed with him.

The Future Mr. Dolan By

The Future Mr. Dolan "Charles Gorham has written a masterpiece. It is a remarkable tour-de-force in character study that will stick in one's mind for a long time. But it is not for the squeamish." Chicago Tribune

Mattie Dolan is a clever and ambitious, 19-year-old sociopath, back from WWII and striving in the backstreets, tenements and dark alleys of New York to rise above the squalor that shaped him... and conquer the city.

Return to Vikki By

Return to Vikki Frank Selby is two men... the man he is today, living in a split-level ranch house, married to his boss' daughter, and enjoying a typical, 9-to-5 working life. And then there is the man that he was...the smooth, debonair mastermind behind a series of daring heists. Now his secret past is coming back to haunt him in the deadly, seductive form of his old love Vikki, who lures him into one last job

Television Tramp By

Television Tramp A racy, hard-boiled, torrid novel of sex and betrayal in the early days of television.

Beautiful Eve Tremaine will do almost anything, and sleep with anyone of any sex, to become a success in broadcasting.

Who Dies There? By

Who Dies There? A hard-boiled classic, back in print for the first time in over 60 years.

Tough, cynical private eye Johnny Phelan is hired by a teenage girl's wealthy father to recover sexually-explicit photos of her that are being used by blackmailers to extort the family. But things get complicated when the hot-blooded girl's lover in the pictures is murdered...

"The story has many twists and turns. Fans of hard-boiled fiction won't be disappointed." Reading California Fiction