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Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels By ///////////

Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels 25 hard-boiled, pulp noir novels written by 13 masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in 60 years, in one thrilling, action-packed collection.

The Violent Ones – Howard Hunt
The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel
Fare Prey - Laine Fisher
Root of Evil – James Cross
One for the Road - Robert Dietrich
The Captive – Norman Daniels
Self-Made Widow – Philip Race
The Chinese Keyhole – Richard Himmel
The Scarlet Venus – Chalmers Green
I’ll Find You – Richard Himmell
The Lusting Drive – Ovid Demaris
The Judas Hour – Howard Hunt
I Like It Tough – James Howard
Killer Take All – Philip Race
Be My Victim – Robert Dietrich
And Be My Love – Ledru Baker Jr.
The Long Night – Ovid Demaris
The Cheaters – Ledru Baker Jr.
Johnny Come Deadly – Philip Race
Die on Easy Street – James Howard
The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris
Beyond Desire - Richard Himmel
Frisco Flat – Stuart James
Brute Madness – Ledru Baker, Jr.
Kiss or Kill - John Burton Thompson


CRY ME A KILLER Detective Sgt. Walter Patterson is one of the few cops in the dark, miserable, corrupt city who can’t be bought or scared off, who isn’t a puppet of ruthless mobster Vince Ballanca. But Patterson is in a worse hell. He’s in love with the fat mobster’s wife… and to take her away from Ballanca, and survive, he’ll have to become a killer.


THE HOUSE The return of a horror classic by a true master of terror.

"Hilda Lawrence writes a smooth, insidious kind of chiller, one that doens't need bangs and shrieks to achieve its effects. It sets up a rare atmosphere of unlocalized, disembodied terror." New York TimesIsobel Ford returns from a life spent almost entirely in boarding school to the remote, four-turreted house in the woods that has always frightened her...and only days later, her eccentric father kills himself by driving off a cliff. She's haunted by his shocking death...and by the house itself, which she knows in her bones hides terrifying secrets. And yet she is determined to discover the matter how horrifying it will be.

"A really literate thriller. Lawrence is one of America's finest tellers of suspense tales, She builds her story to a crashing finale. Absolutely tops in the field." Montgomery Advertiser

"One of the scariest yarns in many a cold moon. The plot is a honey and something really new." Los Angeles Daily News

"Lawrence can build up horror as well as anyone in the business. A real find." Boston Globe

"Emotional rather than deductive process, this has suspense for its most important ingredient. Quality class." Kirkus Reviews


FORCED GIGOLOS An ex-soldier’s search for his missing lover leads him to a house where men are forced into the sex trade as gigolos for desperate women, including a Detroit widow with uncontrollable desire, a suburban housewife avenging her faithless husband by acting out her rage in bed, a runaway from a boarding school, an artist who likes to do more than just paint nude men, and a psychologically-unhinged Latina who gets off on violence.


KISS OFF THE DEAD They stripped him of his badge, framed him for murder, and tossed him into the middle of a gangland war.

Max Carey is a hard-nosed NYC cop who takes bribes to satisfy his wife’s expensive tastes. But when his corruption is exposed, and he’s thrown off the force, his wife leaves him and runs away. He spends several years chasing her down. When he finally finds her in Florida, she’s murdered and the crime is pinned on him by the underworld, who also send some killers to rub him out. Now Carey is out for bloody revenge and his own brand of tough justice.