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Logan By

Logan The first of two fast-moving, thrill-packed novels by Jon Messmann, writing as "Alan Joseph," about the man-of-action known simply as Logan, a sea-faring adventurer with a dark, mysterious past...and a hair-trigger temper. He can't be scared. He can't be bought. And he's as turbulent and dangerous as the seven seas.

Killers at Sea By

Killers at Sea The second and final Logan adventure by Jon Messmann, writing as "Alan Joseph." The sea-faring man-of-action finds a corpse on the beach...and is drawn into a hurricane-force storm of danger, diamonds, and death.

The Skin Game By

The Skin Game Ex-cop turned parole officer Sam Garrett's latest case hits close to home -- a paroled sex offender and ex-cop named Gene Foreman, who he worked with on the force and who was imprisoned for statutory rape. Was she a honey-trap...and was Gene set-up for a fall?
"There are some unexpected twists along the way, and the novel isn’t always about what it seems. There's plenty of sexual titillation, and characters who aren’t what you think they are. This book is something really special." Paperback Warrior

Quarry Road By

Quarry Road Everyone knew that Teresa was Joe Carato’s woman. That didn’t stop Jake. He spent one night with her . . . and paid for it with his life. Or Sam, who visited the cabin while Joe was in jail. Men couldn’t resist Teresa. She didn’t mean to sin. She was just lonely and starved for affection, as uninhibited as a lusty young animal. But Teresa was trapped in a net of schemes: curiosity, desire . . . and fear of the day when Joe Carato would return.

Vintage Sleaze 4: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 60s By /////

Vintage Sleaze 4: 12 Forbidden Novels from the 1950s and 60s Twelve racy and salacious novels from the 1950s and 60s, collected in one lusty, daring ebook!
Swamp Fire by Don Kingery
Rayne Storm by John B. Thompson
Paula by Don Kingery
Temple of Lust by John Burton Thompson
Forced Gigolos by Roe Richmond
Out of These Flames by John B. Thompson
Cavern of Rage by W. Warner Jackson
Passion in the Pines by John B. Thompson & Jack Woodford
Shame by March Hastings
Male Virgin by John B. Thompso & Jack Woodford
Corrida of Sin by Lyn Warlick
The Serpent Woman by John B. Thompson