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The Deadly Game By

The Deadly Game Mike Sloan is a jewel thief who has tired of being doggedly pursued by a cop. So he beds the cop's wife and sets her up to take the fall for his next heist. And that's only the beginning of the brutal, cat-and-mouse game, between cop and criminal, in this noir classic.

"The book has a promising premise. It's revenge to the nth degreeā€”cuckold the cop, further humiliate him by succeeding with the crime, then railroad his wife to prison. We're talking cruel. It's probably worth taking the plunge." Pulp International

Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels By ///

Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels Four powerful, controversial, highly-acclaimed novels set in the deep south during the 1950s and early 1960s that deal with politics, race, crime, and sex in bold, exciting stories that reflect the turbulent era...and leave a lasting impression. All these novels are back in print for the first time in over 60 years... and collected for the first time ever in one massive ebook.

Logan at Sea: Two Full Novels By /

Logan at Sea: Two Full Novels Killer at Sea and Logan, two long-lost, fast-moving, thrill-packed crime novels by Jon Messmann (writing as "Alan Joseph") are combined into a single ebook with a new introduction by Eric Compton, co-host of the Paperback Warrior podcast.

A Matter of Adultery By

A Matter of Adultery Public relations exec Chris Howard loves money and sex -- and is getting plenty of both. He is having a torrid affair with Jen, the hot and very scheming wife of his new, high-paying client, politician Bart Morley, who is vying for the Governor's mansion. It's a sweet tight-rope walk for Chris that turns unexpectly dangerous when someone threatens to kill him if he doesn't quit the job, which would mean quitting Jen, too. Now he's not walking a tight rope, he's walking on the edge of a razor blade.