Nude in the Sand By

Who was the strange, voluptuous creature who performed erotic rites in the hot bayou sands? The scorching story of an erotic passion that explodes into lust and violence. 

Lecia McCauslan sought a tainted love that brands her an outcast. Although Lecia’s husband desires her with ardor, he also lusts for Dora Jones, a wanton swamp girl… while his wife answers the irresistible call of the bayou, where she knows a dark stranger furtively watches her pagan sacrifices to passion…and yearns for her. What strange, forbidden ecstasies held Lecia captive on the lonely, white sands?

John B. Thompson does it again, revealing the raw, seething emotions of the south. Back in print for the first time in 60 years.

Nude in the Sand is a riveting, hot-blooded account of sexual affairs running rampant in the Deep South. With colorful characters and multi-faceted, interlocking storylines, John B. Thompson creates a whirlwind suspenseful romance novel ripe with violence and racial unrest. Fans of Charles Williams, Harry Whittington, and Erskine Caldwell should find plenty to like. Recommended.” Paperback Warrior