One Hot Night By

How Many Girls Can One Man Ruin?

These are the happy-go-lucky breed, the wealthy playboys who throng to the resorts of Miami and Las Vegas, fill the New York clubs, and who get away with a debauched, sex-and-drugs-soaked lifestyle that’s outside the bounds of civilized society…

Bobby Hammond is one of these thrill-hungry playboys and easily finds himself playgirls to match his craven needs. There’s Betty Brooks, gambling her body aboard Bobby’s yacht. And Dot Hammond, the do-anything-for-kicks girl, stoked on booze and sex. And wild Ivy Dorset, game for even the kinkiest passions.

But one hot night, Betty gives her body to the wrong man, Dot fall from a staggering high to the pits of hell, and Ivy faces a twisted lust too horrifying to endure…and that’s just the beginning.