Sinful Virgin By

Born to be Bad. A vivid, hard-boiled, daring story of strange needs and searing love, of a woman too seductive to be safe…even from her own flesh-and-blood.

Cyri is fatally attractive, even to her own father. And while she has plenty of reasons to hate men, she loves what they can give her. So she plays games with Acey Jones, master of life and death…and of strange, gentle passions no woman but Cyri can satisfy. And with Rodney Pettingill, whose money has paved the way to hell for many women…but to whom she gives a glimpse of heaven. And with Lester Lam, who gives her his heart, only to have her destroy it. ¬†And with O’Mara, a man born to drink and fight and to lust…and to lose his soul forever to Cyri, a sinful virgin with no soul of her own.