So Fair, So Evil is a compelling, slowly-evolving story that combines adultery, lust and greed with a deep-seated insecurity. This combination is enthralling.” Paperback Warrior

Northerner Frank Sinclair marries into a rich, snobby Southern family that resents him…then he goes off to fight in the Korean War. He’s back on American shores when he learns that his wife, Dolly, has killed herself. He’s released a year later, a haunted man, and returns to Huntsville, convinced that his wife was murdered. His quest to prove it stirs up buried secrets and simmering hatred.

“An ambitious Southern Gothic and psychological thriller. Reminds me of Jim Thompson story… if written by William Faulkner.” Mostly Old Books and Rust Blog

Thomas Grey Wicker (1926-2011) was a reporter whose column “The Nation” ran in the New York Times from 1966 through 1992. He also wrote three classic crime-noir paperback originals for Fawcett Gold Medal under the pseudonym “Paul Connolly” — Get Out of Town (1951), Tears Are for Angels (1952) and So Fair, So Evil (1955).