The story of two strippers in the 1950s, one who teased men but loved girls, and the other who tantalized both but couldn’t love any man or woman.

Raven-haired Margot Diego, stripper par excellence, tantalized with statuesque beauty and deliberately wicked flesh. But pretty, little Lula Lang was a different sort; she seemed the very essence of innocence. Tossing off her chaste costume, piece by piece, she became every man’s dream bride—restoring to him the delights of his first wild nights of love. With each performance, the two women tried to outdo each other, battling to tease and please the leering audience. But what was life like for Margot and Lula offstage?

When the show was over, why did they indulge creatures like fat Schnitzler, who could only peek and fondle? Why did they welcome such lovers as cruel Little Jack? What went on at those “special” parties where the girls whipped their jaded senses into a frenzy? And what did Margot really crave above all else? These are the questions answered in this biting novel about the girls of Burlesque, written by a man who has lived burlesque. you will know strippers as they really are—learn life as it really lived in the world of G-string, bumps and grinds! In The Raw.

Note — this book, from the 1950s, is a reflection of the cultural and sexual attitudes of its time and contains some offensive stereotypes. The original paperback edition of the book was titled ‘”Of G-Strings & Strippers.”