Television Fast Forward By

Did Gilligan and his fellow castaways ever get rescued? Is Dr. Marcus Welby still making house calls? Is Marcia Brady single? What kind of father did Beaver Cleaver grow up to be? Did Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers finally tie the bionic knot?

Those burning questions… and many, many more… about your favorite TV characters are finaly answered in the new, 2015 edition of this unique and entertaining book, which examines every TV series revival, sequel or remake that was made from the 1950s through the early 1990s.

This NEW edition now includes updates of the original entries PLUS a a complete list of television series revivals and remakes that have been made from 1992 to 2015.

This is a must-have for every television reference book library.

(This book was previously published under the title “Television Series Revivals”)


“Have you ever wondered what happened to the castaways on “Gilligan’s Island”? Many people have, and that is why producers, directors, and actors come together to revive canceled shows for reunion specials, feature films, or whole new series. Television Fast Forward is a compilation of information on the various mutations original series have undergone since cancellation. […] As long as television viewers express nostalgia for the shows they once watched, producers will continue to revive them. Public library customers and librarians will find Television Fast Forward a useful and entertaining volume.” — Booklist

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