Texas: 1869. When a man wearing Yankee blue returns home, he’s a walking target… even for his own brother.

When news of Fort Sumter reached Two Trees, Texas, Coy Quillen was one of the first to sign up. Not many people under­ stood his decision to join the Union forces, but Coy Quillen was a man who lived by his beliefs, everybody else be damned.

Now the long, bloody years of fight­ing were over and Quillen comes home, a useless saber-scarred hand at his side. But that’s not his biggest burden. He’s a hated man, resented for helping whip the South. Not even his own brother will speak to him. And while he was away, Quillen’s father died and their ranch was lost. There’s nothing left in Two Trees for Quillen. Another man might turn around and go… leaving the town for good. But not Quillen. He’s going to stand his ground… and raise some hell.