The Anne Green Reader: Three Full Novels By

The first three bestselling, widely-acclaimed romantic masterpieces by Anne Green, back in print for the first time in nearly 90 years and collected for the first time ever in one ebook edition.

“Let us thank Anne Green for proving a book may be written of American life in Paris away from the pattern of Ernest Hemingway. She has written with a simplicity of heart, quaint humor, and the power to see and feel the drama of the panorama which passes before her.” Oakland Tribune


Vivacious but penniless Barbara Winship leaves Savannah to live in 1930s Paris with the Selbys, her lovable middle-aged Aunt and Uncle from the Old South, who’ve managed to fit in comfortably with the French bourgeoise… and are determined to see that their niece does, too. But she’s a beautiful charmer, and if they aren’t careful, it’s their lives that are going to change.

“A delightful book. It is written with zest, with the greatest of gaiety and good will. The whole story is rollicking and real…very refreshing and very human.” New York Times


“Lighter than air, and as bouyant and breezy as the wind. It’s the icing on the cake, the silver lining on the cloud, the gilding on the lily. And if the whole world soon isn’t ‘Green’ with envy, we don’t know a bestseller when we read one.” Pittsburgh Press

Catherine Douglas is a traditional, American Southerner living with her widowed father and brother in Paris in the 1930s. Her life is complicated by her charming father’s affairs, the hopeless literary aspirations of her lovable brother, the intrigues of her Parisian friends, and her family’s tumultuous finances.

She’s set her sights, and her heart, on Gilbert Hunton, a young, wealthy, American who is looking for a wife in his same league…which she is not. Her family is broke…so Hunton proposes to another woman. Desperately in love, Catherine resorts to the potions, visions and general common sense of Madame Nesta, a wise mystic, to give her a magical edge to break the engagement and win her man…with unexpected results.


The Malory family are Americans living in 1930s Paris as if they were still in the Deep South, with all the traditions and prejudices that go along with it. Beautiful sisters Marietta and Lucile are both attracted to Timothy, a young American associate at their father’s international law firm…though Marietta keeps her desires secret, plotting instead to take him for herself. But her scheming, under the guise of loving sisterhood, backfires in a devastating, surprising way, dramatically changing her life. And that’s only the beginning…

“It’s a curious and rather prankish mixture of comedy and satire, romance and tragedy, that all but defies classification.” New York Times

“The ironic comedy turns to iron tragedy. Almost in spite of herself, Anne Green has told the story of a lost generation.” Des Moines Register

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