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The Frightened Fingers By /

The Frightened Fingers Don Cadee, as head of security for a large New York department store in the 1950s, is always on the look-out for pick-pockets, thieves and swindlers...but now, as he investigates the deaths of two women, he has to take on a gang of ruthless killers.

"Fast-paced and fascinating. In the midst of the breathless, and sometimes slightly wild, action you'll be absorbed by the intricacies of a store detedrtive's job." New York Times

Tell Me About Women By

Tell Me About Women Newsman Harry Reasoner's first and only novel, published in 1946.

Joe Wilson is a tough, cynical reporter whose life is all bourbon, beer and easy blondes. But then Maris Nordeen, warm-hearted, self-assured and golden blonde, blows into his life and changes everything, leading to a rollercoaster courtship, a whirlwind marriage  and then a slow, tortuous awakening to the harrowing reality of their young lives.

Wine of Life By

Wine of Life The monumental and unparalleled fictionalized biography of Honoré de Balzac – a volcanic talent, a savage libertine and one of the greatest literary figures of all time. This is Balzac’s incredible life story, from cradle-to-grave, from obscurity to fame, set against the dramatic, vividly-portrayed backdrop of 19th century France, shared from the point of view of the people closest to him.

“This book is big in every way and readers of romance, history and biography will all find this a heady literary drink, truly a wine of life.” Pensacola News-Journal