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Sense and Sensuality By

Sense and Sensuality A lost literary classic, back in print for the first time in 94 years!

The story of Richard and Laura, a young, sophisticated, upper middle class, married couple pushing the boundaries of morality in the 1920s London, enjoying the nightlife while leaving their children to be raised by their servants. Richard is a publisher and intellectual, while Laura enjoys the benefits of their unspoken "open marriage" to romance other men. But soon their infidelties, and the harsh, inescapable realities of their time, come crashing down on them, threatening to destroy their seemingly perfect lives.

Canadian Westerns: Four Full Novels By //

Canadian Westerns: Four Full Novels Four classic, action-packed, adventure-filled, western novels set in Canada.​​​​​​​
Heritage of The River by Muriel Elwood * The Burntwood Men by WIlliam McCaig * The Tall Captains by Bart Spicer * Toward the Sunset by Muriel Elwood * BONUS NOVEL The Outlaw Breed by William Byron Mowery

The Split-Level Game By

The Split-Level Game A Scorched-Sheets Glimpse of Surburbia in the 1960s

When Lelia was Spence Hawk's secretary, she went out of her way to satisfy all of his whims and physicals desires. But now that they are married, and living in a split-level home in suburbia, she's concentrating on satisfying her own, seemingly insatiable physical needs in this new, free-wheeling society where all the norms are questioned. She made a game of it -- quantity over quality, that was what counted. Spence is enjoying the freedoms too, but is also beginning to feel the price, especially after a no-rules, "trade partners" party shatters everything.

A Multitude of Men By

A Multitude of Men A lost, literary masterpiece, hailed as "alive with shocking vitality" by the Auburn Journal, is now back in print for the first time in over sixty years....

It's 1960. Over the mills of the huge Craft Steel Company, the sky is ablaze, reflecting the white hot heat of its open-hearth furnaces. But the company and the town its workers live in are a tinderbox, crackling with the tensions of an impending power struggle that will reshape their lives. The heavy guns of the Industrial Workers of America, a new labor organization, are opening fire on the old, corrupt, company-dominated union...and 10,000 steel workers are caught in the crossfire.

Bloody Beaches By

Bloody Beaches "Come on you sinners, hell is only half full!"

That was the battle cry of Marine Captain Cal Hobbes as he led his countless, seemingly suicidal charges in World War II. On island after island -- Guam, Okinawa, Tarawa, Iwo Jima -- his platoon always won their battles, no matter what the cost. Because for Hobbes, no sacrifice was too great, as long as someone else made it. 

Ward 20 By

Ward 20 One of the most candid and acclaimed novels to arise from the ashes of World War II. This is the compelling story of 24 hours in the lives of soldiers in the amputee ward of an army hospital -- and the nurses who are treating them. The men paid the ugly price of war. Shattered in body and spirit, they find themselves tormented by the desperate, human needs they can't satisfy. 

"You read a book with your eyes, but this one hits you between them. Here is truth-telling the rises above mere authorship." Birmingham News