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Crow By

Crow A bold, stunning, and critically-acclaimed novel of struggle, injustice, violence and lust, now rediscovered and back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

"The story is intense, dramatic and powerfully built. Stewart has drawn characters convincingly and well. He demonstrates the consequences of harsh, unthinking actions on an inherently good man." Washington Post

Bride of the Sword By

Bride of the Sword The epic historical novel by one of America's most acclaimed western writers. 

Manette was torn from her wealthy birthright to be the weapon of a ruler's revenge. In Spanish Harlem, she danced by torchlight, a dance so savage and ecstatic that the men who watched cried out to possess her. At a pirate's secret haven, she was put up for auction, cut-throats bidding and fighting for the chance to make her their own. And in New Orleans, a Governor tried to trade her for an empire, the great Constancia plantation. Through it all, she was determined to not only to survive, but to conquer...or die trying.

The Integration of Maybelle Brown By

The Integration of Maybelle Brown It's 1959. A small town in the deep south is rocked to its racist core when Maybelle Brown arrives from Philadelphia and becomes the first black, female student ever enrolled in the local college. But that's only the beginning. Soon Maybelle becomes romantically involved with a white man, crossing a unthinkable line among a community terrified by the "rising tide of color." 

Male Virgin By /

Male Virgin This was the first novel written by John Burton Thompson (1911-1994), a Louisiana native and World War II veteran who wrote 75 books under his own name and many others under pseudonyms, including Kevin McLeod, Bowie Morton, Gordon Greene, Todd Marshall, and Burton St. John.

The Birth of the Martyr's Ghost By

The Birth of the Martyr’s Ghost Tou'saint Chaney is shot down over the Pacific during WWII... and spends seven years as a castaway on a desert island before he's rescued. The experience radically changes him, physically and spiritually. He returns home with a new love for his fellow man and a deep devotion to God...attitudes that put him in dangerous conflict with everyone from his old way of life.