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The Complete Pamela Windsor By

The Complete Pamela Windsor All THREE of Pamela Windsor's unforgettable, epic romances, back in print for the first time in decades...and collected into a single volume for the first time ever.

Sugar Doll By

Sugar Doll A ravished girl. A ravishing woman. Their beauty and burning desires inflamed the Southern town, bringing out the raw passions of every man around them. Some men wanted them. Some men feared them. And some men were their prey....

A long-lost masterpiece of Louisiana noir by John B. Thompson.

Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels By ///

Tales of the Deep South: Four Complete Novels Four powerful, controversial, highly-acclaimed novels set in the deep south during the 1950s and early 1960s that deal with politics, race, crime, and sex in bold, exciting stories that reflect the turbulent era...and leave a lasting impression. All these novels are back in print for the first time in over 60 years... and collected for the first time ever in one massive ebook.

Towards the Sunset By

Towards the Sunset It's the early 1700s. Red-haired twins Elise & Antoine de Brievaux are pioneers struggling to survive in the great north, an unexplored territory seething with danger yet full of opportunity and wonder, on the eve of  a bloody war. An unforgettable, sprawling, historical adventure full of rip-roaring action, shocking violence, exhilarating triumphs and heart-breaking emotion.