The Big Bold West 14: Four Classic Western Novels By //

FOUR classic rip-roaring, action-packed western novels by four masters of the genre in one ebook edition.

CANYON KILLERS by Bradford Scott

Walt Slade is a relentless Texas Ranger… the mere sight of this tall lawman, with his lightning-fast draw, astride his great black horse Shadow, is enough to send most outlaws running for their lives. Not this time. Slade takes on a ruthless bandit in a bullet-lashed battle that turns a Texas countryside into an inferno of violence and retribution.


“A rousing good story…guaranteed to make the reader glance apprehensively around him and jump at the snap of a twig outside.” Saturday Review of Literature

It’s the 1600s in the wildlands of North America…the future Canada. Red-haired, seventeen year-old twin Marguerite and Paul Boissart are raised in a strict family in frontier town but are rebels destined for adventure and heart-break.

Marguerite has an affair with an exiled French dandy. As a result, she’s driven from her home, moving in with her married sister in a lonely outpost deep in the unconquered forest. There she witnesses the horror of an Indian massacre that wipes out the whole village. Young and beautiful, she was captured by the savages and taken to a barbaric Indian village to be tortured…and that’s only the beginning of her saga.

Meanwhile, her brother Paul fares no better. He, too, is exiled from his their home after an affair…and becomes a fur trader in the rugged frontier…and a soldier battling the bloody English invasion.

Their exciting stories are told against the background of the robust young French colony on the St. Lawrence River that would become Montreal. It was a country of exiled aristocrats and their elegant women; of drinking, swaggering coureurs de bois from the trackless forests; of hard bitten settlers pitting their strength against the elements, bedeviled by the whims of a debauched King.


A powerful novel about the untold, deadly aftermath of the Lincoln County war, and the desperate men, aflame with hate, who rose up for one more, final battle.

Near the center of New Mexico, where the Guadalupe and Sacramento Mountains rise high above the sea of grass and desert, lies the bloodiest earth in the Southwest, the site of the bloodiest private war in western history — the Lincoln County Cattle War. But in the ashes of the epic struggle, the wounded and the hateful were left behind, outcasts desperate for survival, led by a gun man who swore to bring them home from hell.​​​​​​​


“An vivid tale of life lived gloriously in the face of privation and hardship that stirs the imagination.” The Daily Oklahoman

It’s the early 1700s. Red-haired twins Elise & Antoine de Brievaux are pioneers struggling to survive in the great north, an unexplored territory seething with danger yet full of opportunity and wonder, on the eve of  a bloody war. An unforgettable, sprawling, historical adventure full of rip-roaring action, shocking violence, exhilarating triumphs and heart-breaking emotion.

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