The Big Bold West 4 : Four Classic Western Novels By //

Four classic, action-packed westerns in one volume!

MONTANA MAN by Paul Evan Lehman * DEADLINE AT DURANGO by Allan Vaughan Elston * RIDE THE WILD WIND by C. William Harrison * SHERIFF OF SAN MIGUEL by Allan Vaughan Elston

MONTANA MAN by Paul Evan Lehman
“A thrilling saga of old Montana and a range-land whodunit. Stellar entertainment.” Los Angeles Daily News

Ex-Marshal Joe Raiford wants to settle down to a quiet life…and is scouting for the right spot for his ranch…when a wounded man, running from two gunmen, staggers into his camp and embroils him in a conspiracy involving cattle rustlers, a crooked lawyer, blood-thirsty killers, and a string of murders that could spark a range war.

DEADLINE AT DURANGO by Allan Vaughan Elston
“A roaring, shooting western, soaked with atmosphere, convincing in setting, character and plot,” Kansas City Star

Jeff Lantry was a man who lived on his luck…mostly on riverboat casinos… and his luckiest day was when he was penniless and stumbles on a lynched bank robber’s hidden loot. He rides into Durango with money in his pockets, which he uses to become a successful cattleman. But he never loses the sense of guilt that his life is built not just on luck… but on a lie. The six-gun he wears is strictly for show, until Jess Jallison gives him thirty days to sell out… and get out. But even though he isn’t a gunman, Lantry won’t back down or run, not with his reputation and fortune at stake, or his demons to battle.

RIDE THE WILD WIND by C. William Harrison
“An entertaining novel about an attempt to stir a revolt in the troubled west during the Indian Wars. It brings history to life.” San Francisco Examiner

In the aftermath of the Civil War on a Missouri riverboat, a group of bitter, fanatical southern rebels and renegades, plan an insidious scheme against the Yankees who defeated them — joining with the Sioux and other warring, Indian tribes in a devastating strike against the North. As part of their plot, they snatch Branch McCabe, a southerner who gave up his birthright to fight for the north, to pilot their riverboat, once sunk in battle and raised from the depths for a new fight, northward against the roiling currents of the Missouri into Indian country. Now McCabe must risk his life again, and thwart a boatload of killers, to save the country he loves, and a woman who no longer loves him, from violent, bloody doom.

SHERIFF OF SAN MIGUEL by Allan Vaughan Elston
“Epic…a splendid historical novel of the old Santa Fe trail and the coming of the railroad. Los Angeles Daily News

Ex-buffalo hunter and former lawman Kirk Calloway is searching for a woman he briefly met on the trail in Kansas…a romantic quest that takes him into a violent corner of New Mexico, where the railroad has brought in rustlers, bushwhackers, spoilers, cowpunchers and cattlemen all hoping to find their fortune amidst by the sweat, tears and bloodshed of the savage, crimson mesas. And it’s where Alfredo Baca, the fearless young aristocrat and cattleman, wears the lawman’s badge and thrives perilously on the risk and danger…and will either become Calloway’s friend or deadly enemy.

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