The Drifter By

A lesbian pulp fiction classic — back in print for the first time in 60 years! She drifted from bed to bed, from men to women, trying to blot out pain with pleasure.

Dina needed love, she wanted to give love. Her husband’s sadistic practices were unbearable. How much humiliation and degradation could she take? She wanted to scream “Touch me again and I’ll kill you!” Instead, she ran into the arms of another man…but found the arms of women waiting for her, too. Somehow, between the two, she had to find herself…and finally the love, freedom and happiness she craved.

March Hastings was a ground-breaking lesbian author of stories so frank, edgy, and sexy that they were banned as obscene when they were first published sixty years ago. ¬†While her stories, and the sexuality they contain, have lost their shock value today, the raw power of the writing, the erotic tension, the psychological insight, and the emotional torment that her characters experience hasn’t waned at all, which is why her books are now appreciated as compelling literary fiction.