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Television Tramp By

Television Tramp A racy, hard-boiled, torrid novel of sex and betrayal in the early days of television.

Beautiful Eve Tremaine will do almost anything, and sleep with anyone of any sex, to become a success in broadcasting.

The Drifter By

The Drifter A lesbian pulp fiction classic -- back in print for the first time in 60 years! She drifted from bed-to-bed, from men-to-women, trying to blot out pain with pleasure.

First Person, Third Sex By

First Person, Third Sex It's 1959. Janet and Paula meet as teaching students and decide to move in together when they get jobs at a school in the same small town. Their friendship develops into something deeper and more intimate for them both.. Paula has been romantically involved with women before, but this same-sex attraction is new, exciting and unsettling for Janet. It's a relationship that leads them both to discoveries and challenges they never expected.

Warped Women By

Warped Women The tantalizing, provocative cover has been reproduced on coffee mugs, t-shirts, placemats, and scores of other items, but the book it illustrated has been all-but-forgotten. Not any more. Now the lesbian pulp fiction classic is back in print for the first time in over sixty years.

The March Hastings Reader By

The March Hastings Reader TWELVE scorching, passionate novels of love, lust and madness in one ebook... all by March Hastings, the ground-breaking lesbian author of stories so frank, edgy, and sexy that they were banned as obscene when they were first published sixty years ago.

While her stories, and the sexuality they contain, have lost their shock value today, the raw power of the writing, the erotic tension, the psychological insight, and the emotional torment that her characters experience hasn't waned at all, which is why her books are now.appreciated as compelling literary fiction.