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CIRCLE OF SIN Cabaret singer Sarine Duvall’s style and voice are sultry, sexy and magnetic… and it drives reasonable men wild with lust. That is Sarine’s power, and she knows how to wield it, using it to move to bigger and better New York clubs, and more attractive, possessive, and deadly men. No one wants her more than Paul, a married musician whose wife isn’t about to let him out of her matrimonial grip, and is willing to fight tooth and claw, lips and breasts, to keep him.  


MAN AMONG WOMEN Photojournalist Ralph Thayer, tired of New York and his fiancée, heads to the Bahamas for a vacation… but instead meets Alison Adams, who introduces him to the forbidden secrets of her female circle… and finds himself fighting for her affections with another woman. Using all of his masculine charms, and he has many, he engages in an all-out war with striking Maxine Carpenter for Alison’s heart and body. With savage fury, born of jealousy and envy, Maxine frantically lashes back.


MIMI Two couples pause in their pursuit of kicks and thrills to concoct a wild scheme. Leyra can’t bear children, so Mimi lends her body to Phil, Leyra’s husband, to conceive a child. The baby will go to Leyra and Phil, who in return will give Mimi and Griff enough money to get married. There’s just one catch: Leyra and Phil both want Mimi for themselves and Griff finds himself falling for another man.


VEIL OF TORMENT There’s the Ivy Sherwood the public knew: the actress, the glamorous, beautiful darling of the stage, living a storybook life of champagne and roses with her glittering future ahead of her.

And then there’s Ivy off-stage, away from family and friends, prowling the streets, hardly recognizable without make-up, her eyes shining with tension and craving, picking up any stranger, going into any dingy bedroom.

She’s running furiously through her days, seeking escape, needing release, fighting the passionate demon which lives inside her, torturing her, wildly demanding more liquor, more men, more women, anything to sate her uncontrollable sexual desire.


THE OUTCASTS An explosive novel that exposes the magnetic pull of forbidden lust

Two couples join for a weekend of escape from New York…a getaway that becomes a cauldron of boiling temptations that would ignite their long-buried desires and shatter their lives. It’s the story of Leigh Whitman, a rich, married woman who has everything a woman could desire…and yet aches to indulge her repressed, compulsive desires, aroused now by Jennie Dunbar… a emotionally-torn woman trapped in a decomposing marriage and who now finds herself yearning for a different kind of touch, a different kind of love…