An epic novel about one of the last of great cattle drives, a gripping story of men pitting their endurance and courage against the land, the animals, and each other.

Foreman Adam Childress doesn’t know how his men will face the relentless pressure of guiding 2700 longhorns from Texas to Montana, a treacherous, two-thousand mile trail criss-crossed with barbed wire fences and dotted with homesteads and land scarred more deeply by iron plows than by cattle hooves. And then there are the men themselves — tough, hard-eyed loners with nothing in common except their grim dedication to the job.

“An outstanding, beautifully written, epic novel about the end of the trail, the demise of an era. Bosworth is a great writer. His characterizations are superb and the emotional conflicts are portrayed with intelligent understanding. One does not forget these people. The result is a gripping story, moreover one of outstanding literary merit.” San Francisco Chronicle

“The story of one of the last great cattle drives. The trek is a very real, engrossing experience.” The New York Times

“A western that is refreshingly different… different in that there is no taint of the two-gun tough who prevails over evil only slightly worse than he is. THE LONG WAY NORTH is more of a saga than a western. It is the kind of book which, after you read it, makes you feel that you have emotionally changed.” Springfield Leader Press

“Moments of deep philosophy, adventure and humor. It’s good reading and good history.” Santa Rosa Press Democrat