Tread of the Longhorns By

The compelling, action-packed history of cattle drives, from biblical times to the arduous journeys from Texas to points across the United States during the wild and wooly frontier days. Walter Gann has caught the surge and sweep, the drama and romance, the hard-ship and heart-break, of handling cattle and enduring the western way of life. Full of high adventure and astonishing facts, this classic non-fiction overview is a must-read for western writers and fans alike.

The book features a foreword by legendary western writer William McLeod Raine.

“The author takes the reader through the first days of ranching with its heart-breaking disappointments and back-breaking labor to the days when Jesse Chisholm, a half-breed Indian trader, created a trail which he never dreamed was to be the greatest cattle highway the world has ever known. A painstaking and perceptive documentation of a colorful and vital chapter in Texas history.” Tyler-Courier Times  

“He has captured the essence and spirit of an unforgettable era.” Los Angeles Evening Citizen

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