The return of a timeless classic of mounting, subtle horror that has haunted generations of readers.

A woman is trapped in her own body. She’s speechless, paralyzed, and truly helpless, cared for by her seemingly loving family. But she knows with chilling certainty that one of them is trying to kill her…and will soon strike again…and she is unable to tell anyone or defend herself. Or is she?

This story was adapted into an unforgettable episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents

“A scary one. Lawrence at her best, with a surprising plot and a baffling mystery. “ Los Angeles Daily News

“Tense, taut and terrific…will disturbingly charge the atmopshere and chill the marrow of your bones. Lawrence is quite successful in capturing mood, character, and a unique situation. Subtle horror that’s hard to beat.” Montgomery Advertiser

“Expertly written, filled with suspense. It will make the reader look over his shoulder and turn on every light in the house.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“This is on a different plane of horror. The comfort and luxury of the suburban home bring out in striking contrast the evil that pervades the sickroom and closes in on its helpless victim. A Grade-A shocker…inspires hair-raising fear in a genteel, immensely effective way” New York Times

“Whacking good, written with delicate subtlety and guaranteed to chill the blood.” Boston Globe

“Hilda Lawrence is more skilled than average in the writing of suspense novels, in creating moods of terror and horror. [This] is excellent fare for the fan who is tired of conventional mystery.” Capitol Times (Madison, Wis)

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