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The Compassionate Tiger By

The Compassionate Tiger Soldier-of-fortune Daniel King, also a former male escort, is hired as a bodguard in the cut-throat world of Vietnam in 1954. To survive, King must outwit Mossard, the rich plantation owner who has hired him... and who constantly plays both sides of every conflict. But so do Mossard's wife Charlotte and his beautiful mistress Thi-Tuyet, who both lure King into their beds. King must walk on the razor's edge of death and betrayal in a world of non-stop greed and sudden violence...or die.

The Mistress of Orion Hall By /

The Mistress of Orion Hall Lisa is living a quiet life in Vermont when she's asked by her Aunt, who lives in England, to help her move to Orion Hall ancient, ocean-front castle in Cyprus that's steeped in legend...and mysterious secrets. There Lisa meets Demetrius, the strong, dark, classically handsome young Greek...and Michael, an uninhibited archaeologist. Both men share with her stories about the haunted castle. At first, Lisa is enchanted and intrigued. But she soon realizes to her horror that someone is trying to destroy her...and that she's being stalked at night by a wailing, shrouded figure who may have risen from the dead.

Double Agent By

Double Agent Bill McLean is an unjustly disgraced CIA agent who desperately tries to clear his name by hunting down a rogue Russian spy in London. To pull it off, McLean must navigate a mine field of  foreign agents, betrayals, conspiracies, lies, and murder.

Annalisa By

Annalisa Dana Hebert will do anything to stop his brother Claude from marrying Annalisa, a hauntingly beautiful and dangerous woman they've known since they were children, when the three of them first shared their murderous secret.

The Bones of Napoleon By

The Bones of Napoleon A New York reporter is targeted for death after he unexpectedly inherits a Maryland estate...which some believe is the final resting place of Napoleon Bonaparte, who may have secretly escaped from exile on St. Helena island in 1815.

The Dark Road By

The Dark Road American lawyer Harry Benton, who has been working in post-war West Berlin, is recruited by the secret service to retrieve some important, top secret papers from a high-level Russian that were given to a pastor in East Germany for safe-keeping. But all is not what it seems and Benton is soon plunged into a conspiracy involving smuggled diamonds and the formula for a deadly bacterial weapon.