Day of the .44 By /

Walt Kincaid is trapped in a ragged stagecoach station with three vicious outlaws that he risked his life to disarm…and who want him dead. But now they are all surrounded by a savage band of Utes preparing to attack. He is facing two bad choices: fighting it out with the Indians on his own, or giving the outlaws back their guns and hoping they don’t shoot him in the back. But even if the outlaws do fight beside him, and they all survive, Kincaid knows that afterwards they will blow his head off with a blazing .44…unless he kills them first.

Jack Barton is a pseudonym for Joseph L. Chadwick (1909-1987), who wrote under a number of names  in a wide variety of genres, penning 200 short stories, 135 novels, and four non-fiction books about history in his lifetime.

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