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Man Chase By

Man Chase "Every man ever caught, or yet to be caught, in a female tug-of-war will appreciate this lusty, fast-paced, action-packed book." Joel Raleigh, The Lowdown

High-voltage executive Dave Macklin's alcoholic wife Janet, sweet and seductive, burns with lust that drives her into the arms of other men. But Dave isn't so virtuous himself, pursued by two women who crave a passion that only he can  deliver. But at what cost to them all?

Brand of Fury By /

Brand of Fury A Lone Texan with Nothing On His Side by a Six-Gun

They hung Luke Chronister from a cottonwood. They shot down old Jake Pierce in his own corral. And they claimed Ed Raglan put his brand on another man's they pistol-whipped him and burned his spread. But Ed Raglan wasn't helpless like Luke or elderly like Jake. He was a man. And a man fights back.