“Intrigue to satisfy the most demanding reader.” Booklist

ECHO CHAMBERS is back… Richard Himmel’s eerily prescient thriller that foretold today’s rise of China, and the power they would exert over the world. What was once fiction has become a terrifying reality.

It’s 1982. Angus MacGlendon is an American business tycoon targeted by the Chinese as a key player in their secret plot to become a global industrial and economic superpower… and they will do whatever it takes, from blackmail to violence, to get him to cooperate. He soon becomes a target of the CIA, KGB and spies from Taiwan. To survive, he must play a complicated game of international intrigue and terror with the fate of the world in the balance…

“An exciting novel of international intrigue and terror.” Cincinnati Enquirer

“A novel of intrigue and espionage…(the characters) are leathered, unquenchable, sexually cruel people who apply their erotic meanness to the spy games they play… their passion is always entwined with the fates of whole nations. International affairs seem to be synchronized with the protagonists’ abilities to achieve simultaneous orgasm. High-level espionage becomes an attempt to block such a climax. CIA-tus interruptus, if you will. The action is there, the good guys are defined, skulls and gullets are endangered at every turn. The fate of the world hangs by a thread.” Chicago Tribune