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Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels By ///////////

Best Pulp Noir Fiction Super Pack: 25 Hardboiled Novels 25 hard-boiled, pulp noir novels written by 13 masters of the genre, back-in-print for the first time in 60 years, in one thrilling, action-packed collection.

The Violent Ones – Howard Hunt
The Sharp Edge – Richard Himmel
Fare Prey - Laine Fisher
Root of Evil – James Cross
One for the Road - Robert Dietrich
The Captive – Norman Daniels
Self-Made Widow – Philip Race
The Chinese Keyhole – Richard Himmel
The Scarlet Venus – Chalmers Green
I’ll Find You – Richard Himmell
The Lusting Drive – Ovid Demaris
The Judas Hour – Howard Hunt
I Like It Tough – James Howard
Killer Take All – Philip Race
Be My Victim – Robert Dietrich
And Be My Love – Ledru Baker Jr.
The Long Night – Ovid Demaris
The Cheaters – Ledru Baker Jr.
Johnny Come Deadly – Philip Race
Die on Easy Street – James Howard
The Hoods Take Over – Ovid Demaris
Beyond Desire - Richard Himmel
Frisco Flat – Stuart James
Brute Madness – Ledru Baker, Jr.
Kiss or Kill - John Burton Thompson

I'll Find You By

I’ll Find You Johnny Maguire is a struggling lawyer who falls into a passionate affair with the widow of one of his clients. She disappears… supposedly taking a suicide dive into the ocean. But Maquire doesn’t buy it and starts searching for her…a quest that pits him against the mob and spirals into a twisted story of sex and murder.


THE CHINESE KEYHOLE Johnny Maguire hadn’t visited Chinatown in a long time, and now he wasn’t there for the tourist attractions. Not that the Chinese Keyhole didn’t have plenty to offer—if you liked that sort of thing. Behind its pseudo-Oriental facade, the strip club provided unusual entertainment for its off-beat clientele… and the performers were weirder than those who paid to watch them. There was the statuesque blonde dancer for instance. She left nothing to the imagination of her audience, and she was beautiful: but she just wasn’t Johnny’s type. And he wasn’t crazy about her partner, either—the muscular but mincing ballet dancer who carried a vicious-looking whip and didn’t hesitate to use it.


I HAVE GLORIA KIRBY The wife of the biggest mob boss in town walks into Johnny’s office with a suitcase full of stolen cash and asks for his help. She’s also Johnny’s first love, the woman who ripped out his heart ten years ago. He knows he should say no… but he can’t stop himself.


THE RICH AND THE DAMNED Two-fisted lawyer Johnny Maguire is caught in the middle when a wealthy industrialist dies and leaves him in charge of executing the inheritance… which his dead client’s four children are desperate to grab. The children include the industrialist’s two daughters, one of whom has shared Johnny’s bed and another who would like to. Meanwhile, a mobster is eager to take over the dead man’s business… even if it means killing.