First Person, Third Sex By

The classic, ground-breaking, lesbian pulp fiction debut by Sloane Britain

It’s 1959. Janet and Paula meet as teaching students and decide to move in together when they get jobs at a school in the same small town. Their friendship develops into something deeper and more intimate for them both.. Paula has been romantically involved with women before, but this same-sex attraction is new, exciting and unsettling for Janet. It’s a relationship that leads them both to discoveries and challenges they never expected.

“A deeply personal account of a third grade teacher’s discovery of her ‘third sex’ passion and desire of a ‘twilight woman.’ First Person, Third Sex breaks away from the genre norm of lesbian paperbacks in that it ends on a gay-positive note, rather than having the protagonist meet with tragedy for her sins of the flesh or meet a male she falls head over heels with, marries, and lives forever after in heterosexual marital bliss. ” Those Sexy Vintage Sleaze Books Blog

“Another odd debut came in 1959, when Sloane M. Britain’s first novel, First Person, Third Sex, appeared. It was a welcome change to read about people with mature concerns such as jobs and futures. This book was so good that the many poor titles which later came from the pen of Sloane Britain are not explainable ” Tangents Magazine

Reprinted in 1962 as Strumpets’ Jungle as a “double novel” along with Any Man’s Playmate by James L. Rubel.

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