Girl from Town By

Love took Garnie Harper from San Francisco to a farm in Montana…but she couldn’t escape who she was.

At night, Garnie cried for San Francisco, for the hot music, the bright lights, the great restaurants, and crowded, energetic streets while Jay, worn from farm work, slept heavily beside her. She knows that she’s the object of ridicule, the city girl married to the dirt farmer…and an object of lust for Jay’s strapping brother Bo. It’s her love of Jay that holds her there, in that Montana back country hell, but her yearning, and Bo’s hungry stares, are driving her away. Something has to give…or she has to dramatically change…before it all ends in heartbreak and violence.

Praise for Jack Sheridan

“Sheridan seems to be aiming at, and achieving, something higher and more powerful than just an entertaining story.” New York World-Telegram

“The writing style is straightforward and realistic.” Reading California Fiction

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