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Trial by Darkness By

Trial by Darkness “This is a brilliant book written by a brilliant man who has no fear expressing his ideas.” Birmingham News

This is the driving, compassionate story of a young man's coming of age, a well-born rebel who defies his family’s two hundred years of aristocratic tradition…and flees the horrors that churn beneath its tranquil surface.

The Future Mr. Dolan By

The Future Mr. Dolan "Charles Gorham has written a masterpiece. It is a remarkable tour-de-force in character study that will stick in one's mind for a long time. But it is not for the squeamish." Chicago Tribune

Mattie Dolan is a clever and ambitious, 19-year-old sociopath, back from WWII and striving in the backstreets, tenements and dark alleys of New York to rise above the squalor that shaped him... and conquer the city.

Baby, Come on Inside By

Baby, Come on Inside “Three-fingers of fun if your reading has been of the lemonade variety lately.” Fresno Bee

Popsy Meadows is a Sinatra-esque superstar singer with a massive following who is entering his fifties. His voice is cracking, he’s gaining weight, and he might just be drinking himself into madness. Out of desperation, he goes back to his midwestern home town to try and find himself again…or at least to see where he went wrong. He does it by throwing a massive party that could end up being his wake.

Wind Sprints By

Wind Sprints The long-lost, never-before-published, autobiographical first novel by Ralph Dennis, author of the legendary Hardman series.

In the late 1960s, a balding, over-weight, heavy-drinking writer struggles to find his place in the literary/academic worlds of Yale and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, while desperately trying to figure out why all of his relationships with women, romantically and otherwise, seem doomed from the start.

The book includes introductions by #1 New York Times bestselling author Lee Goldberg and by Ralph's close friend Ben Jones, the Dukes of Hazzard actor and former U.S. Congressman from Georgia.

Thunderclap By

Thunderclap The first time Britt saw Marcy, the girl in the tight, thin dress, he knew damn well that he was going to have her, or go to hell trying. But he hadn’t reckoned on Rigger, the girl’s  husband, a sadistic runt of a guy who’d smash in a man’s skull as happily as blink at him. And he hadn’t reckoned on Newt, the lecherous, broken man who lusted after his brother's wife.  As the three men fight for Marcy, human emotions are swept up, tossed in the harsh, bitter winds of the Texas panhandle, and shattered into dust.

Girl from Town By

Girl from Town Love took Garnie Harper from San Francisco to a farm in Montana...but she couldn't escape who she was.

At night, Garnie Harper cried for San Francisco, for the hot music, the bright lights, the great restaurants, and crowded, energetic streets while Jay, worn from farm work, slept heavily beside her. She knows that she's the object of ridicule, the city girl married to the dirt farmer...and an object of lust for Jay's strapping brother Bo. It's her love of Jay that holds her there, in that Montana back country hell, but her yearning, and Bo's hungry stares, are driving her away. Something has to give...or she has to dramatically change...before it all ends in heartbreak and violence.