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King Cobra By

King Cobra The blistering story of intolerance and hate that is as relevant today as it was when it was first published in 1940...a novel that the Fort Worth Star Telegram called "probably the most shameless and shaming book that has ever been written in America." Now it's finally back in print.

The Springs By

The Springs A magical, heart-warming novel the Hartford Courant calls "a thing of loveliness, fresh, alive, and with a faint glow, The Springs will gladden many a heart," is now finally back in print for the first time in nearly 75 years.

Alice MacGowan is a sheltered young woman coming of age in the early 1900s when a resort hotel opens at the hot springs in her  small Tennessee town. Everything she knows about the outside world comes from books, but now her experiences with the various summer guests, arriving from near and far, have a profound impact on her. Most of all, there's William Mason, who is more than twice her age. He opens her mind to new ideas, even though he knows his love for her can never he guides her instead toward Brian Mason, a young Brit her own age, against a backdrop of scandal, sudden violence, and warm romance.

Reader, I Married Him By

Reader, I Married Him Catherine Douglas is a traditional, American Southerner living with her widowed father and brother in Paris in the 1930s. Her life is complicated by her charming father's affairs, the hopeless literary aspirations of her lovable brother, the intrigues of her Parisian friends, and her family's tumultuous finances.

She's set her sights, and her heart, on Gilbert Hunton, a young, wealthy, American who is looking for a wife in his same league...which she is not. Her family is Hunton proposes to another woman. Desperately in love, Catherine resorts to the potions, visions and general common sense of Madame Nesta, a wise mystic, to give her a magical edge to break the engagement and win her man...with unexpected results.

The Selbys By

The Selbys It's My Fair Lady in Paris in this long-lost, wildly entertaining, highly acclaimed bestseller, finally back in print for the first time in over 90 years.

Vivacious but penniless Barbara Winship leaves Savannah to live in 1930s Paris with the Selbys, her lovable middle-aged Aunt and Uncle from the Old South, who've managed to fit in comfortably with the French bourgeoise... and are determined to see that their niece does, too. But she's a beautiful charmer, and if they aren't careful, it's their lives that are going to change.

It Was Like This By

It Was Like This A powerful, romantic drama set in the deep south of the late 1800s, a novel the Lexington Herald hailed as "a tiny masterpiece of style, of subtlety, of studied artistry." Back in print for the first time in nearly 75 years.

The lives of widow Louisa Martin, her two adult sons Hugh and Lawrence, and her adopted daughter Anna on an isolated pecan plantation in Southern Mississippi in the late 1800s.